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Icebergs often have 7 or 8 tiers. Can't always decide where to put things, especially when most are red herrings and jokes. General "paranormal/weird/spooky" /x/ stuff. Some entries are just red herrings, other might have something to them.

If something doesn't have a page, check the topics lists for them.

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Area 51, Atlantis, Bermuda Triangle, Bigfoot / Sasquatch / Yeti, Dyatlov Pass, Hermaphrodites, Lemuria, McDonald's Soft Serve Machines, Medical Establishment, Money Laundering, Moon Landing Hoax, Skinwalkers, Tyrus, USA Government False Flags,
Amish are Fraud, Baby Monkey Torture Community, Big Pharma, Black Dog Specter, Bug Chasers, Celebrity Sacrifices, Centralia PA, CERN, CIA Pickle Factory, Crisis Actors, Deepfake AI & GAN, Denver Int'l Airport, Empty Internet, Factory Farms, Fake Businesses, Fake News, Family Prostitution, Forest Stairs, Fraternities & Clubs, Gematria, Georgia Guidestones, Large Hadron Collider, Lyrebird, Mothman, Operation Paperclip, Philosopher Stones, Quickening of Days, Reality is Scripted, Remove Viewing, Rule of 3, Secret Deals & Discounts, Secret Jobs, Shooting Hoaxes, Sigils, Soy is Poison, Sun & Moon are Brighter, Twenty-Seven Club, Trauma Release Exercises (tremoring), Vaccines are Poison, X Moon,
Aliens, Chemtrails, Dancing Plague, Delayed Technology Disclosure, Dinosaur Hoax, DMT Entities, Doppelgangers, Drones, Einstein was "Special", Elevator Game, Empty Buildings, Fake Businesses, Flat Earth, Fluoride Calcifies Pineal Gland, Hitler = Disney, Illuminati Symbolism, Key Lime Pie (nonexistant), Lightbulb Conspiracy, Magnetism, Medieval Found Footage, Mel's Hole, Memphis Rap, Moving Objects in Sky, Nuclear Hoax, NPC / P-Zombies, Organic Robotoids, Oxygen is Corrosive, Pineal Pinecone Symbolism, Private Clubs, Simulation Theory, Tap Water Blacklist, Taured, Theater of War, Thirty-three Orange, Titanic Hoax, Train Game, Tulpa / Succubus GF,
Backrooms, Concave Earth, Time Travel, John Titor, Memory Hole, Mandela Effect, GATE (school), Urine Fasting, Invisible Barriers, Reality is Scripted, NPCs / P-Zombies, King of the North, Roko's Basilisk, Mark of the Beast, Universal Basic Income, Transhumanism, Hoax Animals, Glowstick Angel, Rave Golems, Concave Earth, 90% of Books are Written by One Author, Grim Reaper Plague Doctor, Smithsonian Suppression, Overpopulation Hoax, Old World, Lottery Exists to catch Time Travelers, Secret Human Organs, there were Giants in those days, Bhutanese Shadow Market, Mountains are Dead Giants,
Eggless Travel, Her, Trees Are Mammals, The Pigs Began To Speak, Entropy Encoding, Fire is Alive, Wind is Alive, Electricity is a type of Fire, Dead Titan Landmasses, Giant Silicon Megatrees,

Self-Burying Hoses, Door Dogs, Infrared Laundry Balls, oOo, Unmeltable Snow, 9/11 Happens Every Year,
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Jan 08, 2021