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I can't tolerate the waves from the Internet box. Things have really changed, this isn't broadband days anymore. Things have just changed. I don't think there's even an option for the standard Internet access of 2010, with a cable, anymore. I looked for a cable, found none so far, maybe I'll find something. But ever since I compared having the Internet box to having it on, I can't go back. I worry about what damages may have been done.

That said, I won't be hanging around OTI anymore. I'm not available to chat. I haven't checked my email lately (last time, got a shill testing the waters. they failed.), but I can still find good ol' content. So what I found, going farthest back that I found in a 2014 HDD so far... Well, I'll show it to you!

ShameQuest #01
I found FPH material. I'll only pick the very best stuff. Some text files have commentary. I'll clean out the junk. I'll also note what stuff I didn't bother to include, and anything I remember.

Jan 15, 2021