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Acid Rain: A hot topic in the late 80s and early 90's. There's a theory that Acid Rain (which I never personally witnessed, or know anyone that did) was a failed early attempt at Chemtrailing. Hard to say. It was mentioned, but could have been a hoax.

AIDS: 80s-90s hot topic. Viruses are CGI, and several people found holes in what was said about AIDS. That in the USA, it was treated with "medicines" that were far, far worse than the "disease". That other countries would treat it differently, and got less lethal results. But who can really say.

Ape designs & lore: Chimps used to be portrayed as sillier, Gorillas portrayed as more fierce. Nevermind being that hairy in Africa makes no sense. Ravens will overheat on hot summer days, and have to keep their mouths open. IRL, apes don't open their mouths, only in still photos or produced videos. Remember, produced videos can have the "shit filter" applied to make it look "authentic". Think Bin Laden videos. Think of horror movies using a "consumer handheld camcorder" aesthetic. Real animals designs and lore, don't change over decades. Manufacturing, and technology does.


Bacteria Calculator: Late 2000s "news" said that it was possible to 3D-print artificial bacteria, into a calculator that had 8 bytes of memory or some BS. I can't remember, but it doesn't matter because... Come on now. Some "Poopular Lience" rags said teens with laptops could do this. If that were possible, it would have been done thousands of times for novelty.
MIT article.

Bermuda Triangle: Almost never mentioned. The only time I recall "Bermuda" the place being mentioned, WITHOUT the triangle, was that bit at the end of Disney's Sword and the Stone where the wizard rockets himself to "Bermuda". Other than that, the Triangle is inseparable from the name. Some people figured, it's where Nasa rockets fall after doing their backflip. Imagine the ocean pollution.

Os_m_ B_n L_d_n died Twice: Same actor as Obama (All politicians are actors. Think Reagan, Schwarzeneggar, Trump, etc. Hollywood for Ugly people), and a continuity error. Same with Nelson Mandela. Actor, story, continuity error.

Bionic Eyeball: Mid 2000s "carrot on a string" hoax that claimed that it was possible to implant a humble, 16px-resolution, black and white camera into someone's eye socket and have it send readable data to the brain. How humble. Seems plausible. Remember, who generally has one wrecked eye? Who gets all the secret glass eyes? Freaks do. "Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye".

Bone Wars: Coupl'a bullshitters fighting over whose fakemons are faker than the other. Wikipedia

Boston B*mbing: Reused crisis actors. Notice how bombs are a thing in scary spooky news stories? This one's been covered. Fake gore, and EMT's crowding around a victim, instead of giving the victim room and air. Like they're obscuring something.

Boy in a Bubble: David Vetter. dickgirl in a bullshit, lol am i right. One of those "scaaary makeup diseases on TV". There was a funny Seinfeld parody of it, because Television things are... TV things... yeah.
Wikipedia. Mentions NASA. Boom there it is.


Carbon Dating: Those machines don't even exist. There are machines / computer / robot / software hoaxes. This is one of them. Controlled opposition types, blew the whistle on it, and raised a stink and "controversy" about how these things can't be trusted. Indeed, you can't trust something that doesn't exist.
See also: Scanning Electron Microscope (aka CGI)

CIA Pickle Factory: If you open your eyes, use your logic and biological understanding, and realize the government does all kinds of weird shit... Understand THEATER of war, heard of Operation Paperclip, and know that history and news are lies, you'll understand that the Pickle Factory is directly responsible for the Baby Boom. The "just got back from war and started humping" was a very convenient reason given. However, none of us were there to know what really happened. BTW, philosophical zombies are real.

Cigarette Health Benefits: Doctors reccommend $brand of Cigs. Doctors also treat XY "female" syndrome with boob implants and horse piss pills, and Doctors are fat and inverted, so maybe Doctors are bad, huh.

Chimpanzee design & lore: I just went over this. Go find really old articles and video of them. Notice anything strange?

C*l*mbine: False flag, spooky horror event. The 90s had a "theme", and scary news stories that combine school and guns, was a theme. How convenient the main characters had all these recordings and videos and relevant Doom wads at the time. They went on to become different people, the creators of South Park. Television people, do television things. They can and do fake their own deaths, to change identities. Purpose of Sk.Sh. events, is to have metal detectors installed in schools, and clear backpacks (poorly made things) mandated. Security theater.
See also: false flags to "justify" new things that TSA does. Like the "underwear b*mber".

Crystal Viruses: Aesthetic, primitive CGI style of viruses illustrated in the 80s-2000s. However, they didn't straight up TELL YOU they were CGI all the time. This hasn't changed, but the graphics got better.


Dancing Plague: Probably a spooky story that never happened, but it's pretty rad to imagine dancin' zombies that just won't stop dancing.

Dead Stars: In 90s, it was mentioned sometimes that "some stars burnt out countless years ago, and only now is their light reaching us". They dropped this one.

Dinosaurs, obsolete: They're constantly revising this crap. Look up "bone wars", it's kinda interesting. "Dinosaurs" were described before conveniently being "discovered" near a prop manufacturing facility. Then some fat dickgirl lientists started arguing about whose fakemon was fake. No real person ever found a dino bone. Look at how they revised the classics. "Pleistocine" era is PLASTICINE, as in stop-motion. Dinosaurs are also heavily pushed on children.
+ Consider: Dinosaur Page

Don't look at the Sun: Sun used to be yellow, sky used to be darker blue, time was slower. Now the sun is indeed searing white hot. (((They))) knew it was going to be like this, ahead of time. They didn't want normal people to notice.
The Moon is the exact same way, the moon used to be dim, now it's overbright, and corroded.
Basically, in the 90's and ealier, people were told to NOT look at the sun... The real reason, is so that they wouldn't be so able to compare brightness between then and today.
+ Whatever: Sky Objects


Eye Camera Prosthetic: Mid 2000s "carrot on a string" hoax that claimed that it was possible to implant a humble, 16px-resolution, black and white camera into someone's eye socket and have it send readable data to the brain. How humble. Seems plausible. Remember, who generally has one wrecked eye? Who gets all the secret glass eyes? Freaks do. "Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye".


Fidget Spinners: Apparently someone had a patent on this thing, it expired, then suddenly the market EXPLODED with these things. People of a rainbow-puzzle-piece persuasion really, really liked them. But their 5 seconds of fame is up.

Fruit of the Loom Cornucopia: Is it real or not?


Google Glass: tech / hype hoax. They never intended to make this, but they probably LOVED the idea. Imagine the spying and intel-stealing potential of this. Might be a feature of the Mark of the Beast, though.

Gulf War Syndrome: I actually don't know really, but someone told me a huge contributor to GWS was the new sugarfree Sodas on the market. Aspartame. They said, if aspartame was heated over 200F for a while, and those temperatures could happen in places like the middle east and Americas, the aspartame would turn into a nasty poison.


Honda Humanoid Robot: Tech / hype hoax. Just an actor in a suit IRL, and CGI on a screen. Very common. Lots of "amazing robots" are just props, suits, or CGI.

Hudson, Miracle on the: uh some old hoax story about a boat or something.

H*******t Survivor Camps: is it safe to talk about this? They suddenly appeared in news articles 10 years ago, something like that. No prior mention of them. Forgotten, once again.


"iName": What a terrible fad. For the longest time in the 2000s, EVERYTHING looked like an iPod. No more unique styles, just iPod aesthetics.


Japanese Social Robots: "they go to school, as a social experiment". Hoax. Japanese look forward to humping robots that replicate biological functions though. Until then, they have to settle for marrying cartoons on the astral plane.


Koko the Gorilla: TV crap. Koko "died twice", but uhhh... have a close look, that was an obvious fursuit. It used ASL because the actor wouldn't be able to be heard from under the mask. Dogs and cats will try to talk, but apes don't.
"Koko", the ASL "gorilla" (ASL was developed by Hellen Keller, aka H3773n K3773r, an MTF who loved masonic sign language, who also was not deaf or blind. watch those docus closely), the NAME is "ok ok". The "ok" handsign, is "666".


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Nov 22 2020