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Q-Anon: It's shit for TV zombies and bots. Also Voat's dead.


Radioactive Boy Scout: Radioactive BS. Articles mention a "grinning orange face" (duping delight, 33 orange), Nukes are a hoax, and of course there's no need to explain how a fake person did a fake thing. 1990s.


Saber-Toothed Cat: After being mocked by everyone with a drop of sense about biology and anatomy, sabercats are now delegated to straight up fiction. Calvin & Hobbes, plus many artists who know about drawing animals, criticized them too much. Now they only appear in cartoons and video games.

Scanning Electron Microscopes: Can you find one IRL? Can you use it? Can you watch someone use it? It's Maya or Blender or something. Microspace is as real as outer space.

Shazaam (film): 90s genie movie starring Sinbad. Famous "memory holing" example. An It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode guest starring Sinbad, has some discreet references to this event.< /p>

Smallpox Blankets: History is a lie. IDK what happened, but what we're told is NOT the full story. There are giant Old World buildings that were from before the Flood, and there are buildings all over the world that look similar, and are huge and irreplacable. The story of USA is fake. Plus, continuity error, how did the colon-ists (poop pun, sodomites) know about modern germ theory? also, THEORY.

Spanish Flu: 1800s version of the Covid scare, complete with mandated masks and tons of print propaganda.

Stars, dead: In 90s, it was mentioned sometimes that "some stars burnt out countless years ago, and only now is their light reaching us". They dropped this one.

Sun, don't look at: What we were told, in hopes that we wouldn't notice how BRIGHT the sun & moon got.
Whatever: Sky Objects


Taste Bud Locations: "map" of "taste bud types" on tongue. False. IDK why they even bothered pushing that idea.

Tanning Oil: Back when the sun was yellow, the sky was a medium blue, and time was slow, tanning was all the rage. Oils were made that supposedly tanned without the sun. Now the sun is treated as a death ray emitter. Which today, it pretty much is.

Teletext: Abandoned tech. Wikipedia.

Tetrachromat: There was a brief news article about "tetrachromats", people who could see FOUR primary colors. They had a special 4th Cone (Rods for value, Cones for color), and perceived colors differently than people with 3 (or fewer) kinds of cones. Supposedly only 3 (hmm.) people were documented. They were all "she her" (uh the skeletons say "him"), had a "father or son" who was colorblind (yeah), and... what, did they start off with normal vision, then had a colorblind son, and suddenly have 4 color vision?? Doesn't matter, because it was a hoax. That 4th color? 33 ORANGE

Thalidomide: The reason why some middle-aged people have shriveled hands directly on their shoulders, and no arms. Doctors are evil. Big Pharma has oceans of blood on their hands.
@ Wikipedia

Tongue Map: "Map" of taste bud "types". False.



We All Have A Name: A ((())) teen intended to compile the names of EVERYONE who died in the H_. When a bunch of (((leaders))) of his community found out, they immediately put a stop to it. You'd think it would have benefited them, but nope.



Yo-Yo: These were an enormous fad in the late 90s. Kind of odd, because the 90s had rapid technological development, but a very low-tech toy had explosive but brief popularity. The flash in the pan "Fidget Spinners" fad (brought on by the expiration of a certain patent, and "honorabur" manufacturers) reminded me of it. Repeating / duality words are kinda... something to keep an eye or ear out for. It's said "yo yos" were some kind of weapon for some "primitive tribe"? BTW, primitive tribes are hoaxes. They're spray painted, wearing dumb costumes, and speak some star trek alien gibberish. Fake.


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