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Sometimes their sinister plan to thread-slide the thoughts and topics, does work... This is why mass media blasts new and wacky spooky stories and drives up hype all the time. They try to distract everyone, and make them forget.

Really smart, brilliant little "girl" undergoes severe neurological degenerative disorder: one of those oh no, sob sob sob TV stories. They just want to make people sad, because if they get your emotions, they get your mind. There's really a LOT of stories like this one. I'm thinking 1990s Readers Digest stuff. RD was confirmed to have run scams targeting senile people, so RD was shady.

Some man in drag's "son" got shot in S*ndy H**k: crisis actors for that event were straight up found uploading their bad takes on Youtube, and they were recruited on craigslist or something. Many crisis actors return for more news events, or even other TV and web video roles. Anyway, Man in drag wrote some book about "tender healing love" or something. "Son" wrote it on a blackboard and then got blasted, except that didn't happen. 2010s.

Jan 2021