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Feb 2021

The legendary USA animated sitcom, with brilliant writing. Infamous drop in quality after season 11. Best eps are said to be in S1-8.

So I'll just point out notable things worthy of discussion!

Aight, first off - sex inversion. That said, Homer also works at a nuclear energy plant. Nukes are a hoax, that's becoming common knowledge. So atom bombs aren't a real threat, the 1950's obsession with nukes/split atoms was a government-forced-meme (yes, that's a real thing), so Homer's job is BS. There's an ep where some inspectors are watching him, and he gets flustered and starts bullshitting work. But in a different way, because Homer just slacks off and does nothing. He gets paid for keeping up the illusion.

There's an ep about "Stonecutters". What's weird is that Mr. Burns is stated as being distrustful of freemasons, but if this were real, he'd be way high up in freemasonry, with a stabbed-out eye and chopped off fingers and everything.

Homer states in an ep that he carried the children. IVF & C-Section.

Another ep had Martin (on-the-nose name there), Bart, and Milhouse being choir boys. Homer refers to "the castrati", but the real joke is, Homer was making a meta-joke and referring to the voice actr"ess"es of the "boy" characters. Look up photos of the voice actors for these characters, those are men. Hear how their vocal quality is sharper, cracklier, and higher-frequency than Homer and the other he-him characters' voices. Bart, Milhouse, and Martin are played by literal castrati. "Alessando Moreschi" was a red herring, AM was a dickgirl, those shouldn't even be a thing.

An original idea for Krusty the Klown was that he'd have been a role that Homer played. That's why they have the same basic character model, but that idea was dropped. But it would have been a reference to how common people we see everyday, can have secret roles that reach a wider audience than you might expect.

Dec 03 2020