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Blood Over Intent

This is some cult type movement thing that has been known to be based on YouTube and Discord. Both platforms are shill central (Empty Internet). Delete Discord, and then search around your computer and delete everything that Discord put there. It's spyware, and ware for spies. As in, idiot morons who can't hold down real jobs. An engineered class. The exact shills on Discord, also shitpost with hundreds of alts, scripts, and bots on YouTube, Reddit, and who knows where else.

An astounding and terrifying amount of people, know about magic rituals, they just don't talk about it. The most popular cover for witches and warlocks, is fake "christianity". They'll cover up their areas with NIV shit and generic baffo sex-invert "pastor" TV shit, but it's all a front. Watch their hands, look at them funny, and take a very close look at WHO these hidden satanists associate with. Open "LaVeyan satanists", are nothing but a bunch of loud, obnoxious red herrings that serve as distractions. When a bunch of laveyans start acting up, they're trying to distract the few real people, from whatever the real satanists are up to.

Sooo much stuff, we're gonna get into everything I have the energy for. I've referred to several points on various other pages, so if you just click around, it'll appear in some tangent in some rant, under the title "my thoughts on strawberry shortcake doujinshi" or something. Blah, whatever.

Hollywood might as well be given its own page in the Considerables directory, but a bazillion words have been typed about Hollywood, and a few of those words have been reluctantly promoted by many controlled opposition baffos on Youtube or with popular websites, and it is simply not possible for a baffo to tell the whole truth and only the truth. When they swear their "oaths" (Above all else, swear NO OATHS. You lose your soul that way.) in court, well it's called "court" like a basketball "court", because it's a rigged game, and sometimes the baffo judge with that gay wig will say "the truth is no defense". Juries are rigged, and most of the juries are baffos. The whole thing is RIGGED. And a "game". So when they "swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth", look at them. They're baffos. LOOK AT THEM. LOOK!! WITH YOUR EYES!!

"Blood Over Intent" possibly started sometime in 2015, which was a boring and crappy year, but it was... a year, in which the way was prepared for the coming of the year 2017, which was also a horrible crappy year, BUT something very, very interesting happened. The veil began to break down. The mechanisms for some "happening" were activated. Unseen spirit-material mechanisms on some other layer of our reality. 2017 was a year when broken alcoholics got up, got clean, and had their eyes and ears opened. Once the demon of alcoholism got booted, several people began to notice things that were there for many, many decades, things that were there from the beginning, and then and only then, did people start to point out strange things and discuss them. The shills and their tard-wranglers got extremely on edge, and took measures. The internet went from atrocious, to worse than atrocious.

(Biology Lesson over here)

Back to Blood Over Intent. The rambly stuff was to explain to the people who were too busy being stupid dumbasses to jump on the Transvestigation bandwagon back in 2015-18. You're late. Knowing the sheer NUMBER of people who know about this stuff, and have known for centuries, it's astonishing how tightly kept these pervasive, ubiquitous secrets in plain sight. They take slip-ups very seriously. They chop off the ring finger joint if a baffo lets something slip, and they'll chop off even more finger sections and give strong economic repurcussions for further slip-ups. Baffos worship money like it's their lifeblood. Even the most "tree-huggy, crystal power, nature woo woo" baffos, have major social media presences, can't resist flexing about all the big fancy consumer goods they have, and their money worship is front and center, and they can't hide it. They can't restrict the filth and insults that just spew out of their mouths (you know this), and they can't stop their "alien hands" from doing weird gestures.

And that "nature worship" stuff, plants conduct electricity, and that's where magic wands come in. Electricity is in the aethers, it's unseen forces. Magic is the practice of manipulating the unseen. You're not supposed to mess with that, but witches do. They cast illusion magic spells, and those happen in the victim's head. The victim gets mentally scrambled, irritable, prone to intense rage, and they tend to just flip out and go berzerk because some magic spell is making their brain do gaussian blur on whatever feed comes in from their eyballs.

The same stuff that makes a lightbulb turn on, is the same stuff that allows people to scribble on paper, masturbate to said scribble, burn it with a lighter, and start finding weird amounts of money a few months later. However, that's probably one thing out of several factors for how it works, but IDK what goes on back there.

IDK how the manipulation of the unseen is done, people credit various ethereal beings for it, some people claim they did all the work themselves. But it's done, in massive quantities. And Blood Over Intent was a massive contributor to the late 2020 we find ourselves in.

Everyone hates this world. People kill themselves, or try to, all the time. People also get murdered, or get "suicided" and then the cops (who know damn well what goes on), go "oh it was a gas leak or faulty brakes, or the victim was intoxicated, it was an accident, nothing to see here. Move along, nothing to see here". Many missing persons, are either just dead, or someone wanted to get rid of them, because they let something slip, or saw something the cult didn't want them to see.

Baffos are the problem, and they're sad that they have to deal with the mess they made. No matter how intensely two or more baffos HATE each other, no matter how much they want each other dead, they will NEVER, EVER, EVER!!! out another baffo. EVER. If one baffo is revealed, they all get revealed. That's why red lodgers hate blue lodgers so much. Reds are Beardos, Blues are openly "do what thou wilt", and then when Blue martins start putting on wigs and dresses, golly jeepers boy do they look like IRL women. The beardos get mad, because after people see that the blue martins look just like IRL women, the beardos look the same, but with beards and jeans. Once one is out, all of them get revealed.

The baffos don't have free will. No, choosing what color shirt (black/white checkers, or garish orange??) to wear, what hat, what cards to play, what kind of jelly on your sandwich - those are not real choices. They can't choose to rebel against their group. Even if they "wanted" to, but I don't think they can even "want". They're probably simply not capable of desiring certain things, like Objective Truth, or Jesus Christ. So they have their substitues, and that is what they talk about a lot in those Blood Over Intent videos, where they make a page or sigil, and then prick their fingers or drip their noses over it, or whatever they do.

Because no free will, certain unseen guiding forces, will just brute-force things to happen. Fortunately, evil undoes itself, baffos fall into their own traps, shoot themselves in the foot, go berzerk and scream stuff they would have wanted to keep private, but oops they just blurted out secrets... A GOOD THING!!! For once!!! happened. Why go "oh no they're doing spooky scary blood magic in huge amounts! oh noooo!!! bad!!", because yeah what they're doing is witchcraft, but it's the kind of witchcraft that unintentionally benefits real people! Because it is EXACTLY!!! a huge contributing factor to normal people waking up, and baffos going haywire! They asked for this stuff, if you watch BOI videos, the things they asked for and dropped blood for, those are the things we see now! Slowly, because what they do is chaos magic, and that takes a very, VERY long time to even see the slightest hint of a result. They say that themselves, BTW. With hundreds of baffos, all asking for the same set of things (they're so unoriginal, no independent thought) and dropping blood, that massively increased the invisible mega hyper bouncy ethereal balls of... whatever they asked for.

Blood contains spirit. Consuming blood is an abomination. Cooking with blood is on par with idol worship. Vampires are a real thing, dressed up as "bluh bluh im hollywood bleeeh" crap, to make people think of Count Chocula instead of the really creepy rich guy with the fancy car, who's respected in society. Blood is a powerful substance that attracts the attention of little devil ethereal things that baffos want to carry out their bidding. But pesky little devil things, well they're chaotic. And full of spite. Think of stories about smartass Genies pranking some moron that goes "hey genie, gimme the ability to run like a rabbit and have a face like a peacock" because back then no one knew how legalese worked. Think of monkey paws and how they screw over the wisher.

The freaks doing Blood Over Intent videos, are really intolerable, but I've gotten the general jist of what they go on about. They talk to each other on Discord and Youtube comments, so yeah. Some people made overview type videos, that have clips from the hundreds of BOI vids.

Common things:

(Sky / Firmament / Objects are now over here)

Bringing Forth Heaven On Earth: Sky's been lowering for several years now, just as how time's been speeding up incrementally over the past 20 years, but only recently has it gotten to the point where it's like 150x faster than it was in 1990 flat. There might be New Jerusalem up there, physically. As in, the innermost section of the Firmament, which has optical properties and doesn't show us what physically happens up there, but it only shows what we're supposed to see. We see the stars, sun, moon, clouds, but something very very odd about "reality itself" is going on. Objects that are far away, won't "load" to our eyes, and there's visual blurring on distant objects. The sky's optical layer shows us the glowing objects, but not their tracks. Think of the Shadow Temple in Zelda Ocarina. There are walls without collision, and collision without textures. You need the Lens of Truth to see the textures that won't be displayed otherwise. Sometimes there are programming errors, that means objects don't have collision, or do have collision but no texture or visible model. The tracks the objects are on, are apparently invisible but solid. We don't see the sun or moon, but we see their holograms. The optical layer shows us only a few things, not the mechanisms they sit on.

About heat or lack therof influencing how flexible or malleable materials are, like hot or cold rubber or metal, the firmament might be changing temperature because the hot sun and cold moon, are now waaay overpowered. The moon isn't made to be powered like that, the end is literally nigh, and the moon is corroding. I bet the moon was turned off constantly in 2018 when it wasn't being "super blood wolf strawberry", because it would have burnt out. But now the moon is just on full blast, and corroding fast because of it.

The sky was deep dark blue in 1990, and now it's thin, pale blue. Perhaps the Sun is evaporating the waters above. That's someone's theory, could be. But then that raises the question of why wouldn't the Moon influence it too, with cold light. Eventually, as the sky presumably changes temperatures, it'll become malleable enough to literally "roll up like a scroll", and THEN!! either the stars are on "our side" or are inside, and will fall out when the firmament rolls up, but after that, something excellent!!! awaits us! Like, 10 people, and some dead people. It's going to be great! Oh, and then everyone else gets turned into zombies, and the winners get their heads chopped off, high score. If you don't exit when the sky opens, you're gonna get attacked by zombies and need to willingly throw yourself at a guillotine. Think that sounds crazy? Give it five years. Will it sound crazy in five years? Actually I really REALLY hope it'll be next week. But it should have happened last year, but we're still sitting here looking for something to do, while entropy takes over.

Aight, keep your eyes open for the day the SUN GOES DARK, then there's going to be a terrifying noise, the ultimate earthquake to end all earthquakes, then the sky rolls up, stars fall out, and then some light entities come in and grab people, and then it's chaos shitstorm time!!!

Release from Bondage / Escape the System: Baffos don't have free will, humans do. If the humans didn't get snared by the 33 Orange club. I'm guessing some mysterious force, forced baffos to get the idea to all do what they do, sigil blood chaos magic, openly, and in huge numbers. Previously, these people kept this stuff "hidden", except if you casually explore baffo spaces and mass user websites, eventually you'll come across dozens and dozens of people looking to do magic, and witches giving them a few bits of advice mixed with the usual bullshit. They love to mix 1 part truth, to 99 part lies, and not tell you which is which. They're obsessed with their caste system, and oppressing baffos lower on their "pyramid". That square illuminati pyramid, represents baffo society, but humans aren't supposed to live that way. Real humans are all equal and are Christ's Sheep, there's no caste system among true normal people.

Baffos are inverted, and Red Lodge is more "conservative" and obsessed with keeping up the "everything's fine and normal, nothing to see here, only normal stuff, WE HATE WITCHES!!! and inverts!!!" appearances. But they're baffos too, they just really desperately try to look like they're not. Blue lodge is more like "I feel like wearing a suit of armor and a tutu with pink glitter sparkles, and my pronouns are zip zap zoopity bop". And then they fight, it's hilarious. Blues are more likely to openly talk about their crystals and how they peed on a drawing of some anime character so they can merge on the astral plane, so I'm thinkin the Blues are behind the blood sigil stuff. The Reds are just seething in rage, but the veil is breaking down, and everyone's breaking down and going berzerk, it's truly a thing of beauty. Reds complain because they're just butthurt that everyone's flipping out and reverting partially, and there's nothing anyone can do to stop it.

Because it's The End, because of the signs the Bible's OT and NT told us about are now here and undeniable, but there's also new things that the baffos somehow knew about, that the Bible doesn't mention, like the sky lowering. The Bible's probably been edited, there's a fake "Book of Enoch" given to us, but that's some torah bullshit. The real one is gone. GONE. And there's many, MANY more purged sections of the Bible. That's why it touches and goes away from interesting things. It'll begin to allude to something fascinating, then [SCENE MISSING], and then go on forever about geneology. LOTS of content was purged. One day soon, we'll find out what was removed.

And the fact that it's The End (almost, we're not at Revelation proper just yet, but that could happen next week... I hope so. Pleeeaaase...), the Good Forces forced evil baffos to do their evil magic stuff, and cause the End to get here faster and faster. The Good just kickstarted the Bad to do things that break things down further and further. The Bad side is crumbling. Dickgirls are reverting to she/her, but all they want is their HRT, surgery, and to be internet-famous, instead of helping people learn the crazy, wild, far-out Truth. Those martins in dresses don't want to be adult real women, they want to be castrati and have everyone drool over them and tell them how awesome they are. Real women are really oppressed, so are real men, but real men are mind-blowingly rare, and nearly all that DO exist, tuck and tape and have fake boobs and screech. But more importantly, the Red Lodgers are freaking out at the Blues for blowing their cover. They give a fake reason and call the Blues "trannies", but the Reds are inverted too. Now we can see. The veil is breaking down. People look at celebs and wonder why the she-her celebs are so mannish, and how come IRL women aren't allowed to be famous, and wonder if the he-him celebs are pregnant or have vaginas.

People are noticing that CGI and props are exactly that, they see the blatant greenscreen, duping delight, hand signs, very especially magic numbers and gematria. CC 33, 777, 666, 999, 44 DD Death Destruction, 19 Crown, soooo many more numbers. Gematria and magic numerology is a BIG THING, and people who were formerly kept in the dark, are now wondering why they see 23 or 33 or 55 (devil number) everywhere. Those numbers have always been forced and prominently shoved in everyone's faces, now and only NOW do the dumb dumbs wake up and smell the gematria. They seem shocked like it's a new thing. Nope. Been as old as the oldest photos your great grandparents took.

Baffos are not made by God, they are made by satan. Jesus blatantly called them out, called them names, yelled at them, chased them with a whip, made it 100% perfectly clear that certain people were NOT His Sheep, even though they were the same race as Him. Baffos are obsessed with bloodlines and racism, but there's none of that for Christ's Sheep who Hear His Voice. Jesus basically called some woman a bitch, and she just took it, because most women today are just bitches. Churches are baffo establishments that worship paul the fraud, and show fake inverted jeebus, and use NIV, they do NOT want to be reminded of what the REAL Jesus Christ actually said.

Baffos delude themselves into thinking they're "real men" or "real women", like they convince themselves that, but not all the way. They KNOW deep inside their very BONES that they're frauds and fakes, that they are bootlegs and actors who only lie and only tell 1 bit of truth, sometimes. Mixed with a ton of lies. They're insecure enough to lose all composure, and start screaming that some rando out there called them out on their BS, and they want names. Baffos DEMAND names. They want to do magic spells with that, but they keep forgetting that sending demons after Christians will result in a non-staged disaster on their end. They're so blinded by hate, they just flip out and go on berzerk psycho terminator mode, and they'll shoot their own feet off and let loose all kinds of revealing info, because some random person made them mad. Also they'll try to stalk you, so just don't let them have it. If they tell lies, good, because their lies will cover your tracks. They'll get so mad, they'll accidentally obscure your identity so you can keep slipping under the radar and appear out of nowhere, then they go chasing off after some other rando, thinking it's "you", and then they get into a fight, and it's hilarious!

So, because Christ isn't an option they're allowed to take, they resort to scribbling scrawls and dripping bodily fluids on them, before setting it on fire. Jesus gave us His own blood to cover our sins. Our sins and bad memories will be rendered null and void hopefully before the year is up. I'm gonna be pretty mad if I have to wait another year. But thankfully, these years are more like a few months, really. Things happening out of season. Baffos drip their own blood onto the paper, because they can't have Christ's blood. They mechanically recite some chant (which is NOT how you pray), and because this is hundreds and not just one or two, actual results are happening. This stuff is real. And now the end is coming faster because of it!

Baffos fear and dread age 30, like age 30 is a "fate worse than death", because it's when their chickens of hormone use come home to roost. The castrati get another natural blast of bodily testosterone and look like men (without balls), and martins rapidly lose their hormone freak muscles, have heart attacks, strokes, and all of their hormone usage claims its toll. Humans find age 30 to be a perfectly fine and dandy age, nothing really wrong with it. 20 is better, but 30's alright, just fast, exercise, and be clean and all that. The End of the World is what baffos fear. They hate the way society works if they're not above the lower tiers of the pyramid, but they're a part of it, and they can't choose Christ, so they resort to magic. And magic isn't about blasting a troll with fire and ice balls immediately, magic is doing some gross weird thing, and some invisible hyper bouncy ball gets shot off into the distance, and maybe next week, the sigil-user might find a dollar on the ground.

Basically... Good Forces told baffos to do their evil magic to make things happen, then the hivemind baffos on meth did exactly that. The baffos thought they could "summon their concept of Heaven on Earth", but instead, the bonds they wanted to have removed from themselves, just resulted in a huge chunk of them, shedding their bonds of "dickgirl trying to look like a man". They got released from the bonds of fake masculinity. And then people notice that dress martins look like real women, but the castrati don't. IDK why castrati are so resistant to reverting, but very very few of them do. T is really hard for some would-be detransitioners, or actual FtM (sad) to get, because if they had easy access to it, you'd see castrati growing beards and talking normally, and real women going bald and their voices deepening left and right. Now actual FtM are tragically common (but the Bible warned us about this too, but a lot of stuff was purged). Biblical prophecy being forced to happen, by the above-sky factors, and freaks doing magic in huge quantities, and having it not go the way they had in mind.

I hope the next long page I write, won't have a million paragraphs of explaining side topics, because this stuff is all very deeply interwoven. Too many people aren't fully up to speed, so in order to explain how Blood Over Intent helped bring about The Glorious End to this dump, I had to explain major secrets that magicians know all about, but they don't tell curious people about them.

Dec 15 2020