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What if Things were Different

Kinda "odd" but not really, that what just about everyone talks about generally, is pop media. I even have that section to discuss prevalent media people were familiar with, and this section that contains forgotten media and "mandela effects".

Yeah... but is this the way things should be? SHOULD all people casually discuss be the big news, movies, radio, video games, mainstream music? In addition to jobs and tools and housing and stuff, or politics... But discussing politics is ugly, as it's "Hollywood for Uggos", and it's all fake and a sham, and all politicians are puppets. That's well known. Hell, actors become politicians all the time, because ALL politicians are actors to begin with, and so are commoners! People in your daily life that you see everyday, they play "roles" to "pad out the simulation"... I don't necessarily mean things like we live in that "matrix" movie (BTW, "there is no spoon" = the spoon is CGI and added in post, there was indeed no spoon because it's CGI).

People just use prominent media articles like movies and comic books, to illustrate concepts and points. A lot of people point to "They Live" and "Truman Show", and "Harry Potter", as allegories. Which they are. I have the Pop Media directory to discuss things like that. Even if most pages would be short, and some get so insanely long and rambly and full of wandering tangents, they get their own listings.

The baffos and narrators only tell us a few BS things, with occasional tiny flakes of actual truth mixed in. ALL! the characters in those movies I just mentioned, are trans. All of them. The wizards are trans, and the muggles represent people not in the CClub, but they're described as being baffos. Harry's stepmom has a long neck and gangly arms, Harry's stepdad and stepbrother are described as being short and fat. Yeah, those are sex-inverts. IRL, there are women in the 33Orange club, and they're forced to say that Swyers are actually also "women" (with fake tits), and that Martins are actually men! And that article calls the disorder "rare", BUUULLLLSHHHIIIITTT, there are more dickgirls than normal women, and waaay more vagboys than actual men! We live in fake world, with plastic everything made in Ch-land, and the "food" is fake, the water has recycled antidepressant piss in it, and fluoride, and people live in concrete and metal dungeons and don't know how nature works!

History is a set of agreed-upon lies, the historical figures never existed, even modern day presidents are played by actors with latex masks! There are 4 "George W. Bushes", with slight variants! Abraham Lincoln was also a made-up person! And so was Ghandi! These all had multiple actors for the roles! "All the world's a stage, and everyone's an actor".

I'll wear myself out and make this too long if I get into IRL street theater and everyday fakers, but... You know all those p-zombie tryhards that desperately want you to perceive them a certain way, but they crumble easily? Yeah. Shit gets weirder though, when moonbumps, IVF, and C-section gets involved, and a woman claims she carried a child that a martin or swyer actually did. Yes, sometimes swyers can get lab-pregnant and not miscarry immediately. No one tells you that's possible, but it is. That's real actual genuine mpreg right there. Crazy shit. Doctors are priests of baphomet, look at them. LOOK AT THEM.

I said I wasn't gonna rant, but screw it, here's a rant. You know why normal people are so messed up today? All girls see on ALL magazines, character descriptions in ALL books, on ALL screens, TV, VG, internet, those "girls" in media are BOYS. Boys with vaginas, plastic surgery, and photoshop. And IRL, those vagboys are trained to pretend to be teehee "nice", and they are the most evil, EVIL, vicious, horrible monsters you'll ever encounter. Save for some supremely evil martins and witches. Yes, I said witches. "Ladies" are Laddies.

And what few, few boys (or "lads" in the Bible, "boys and girls" does not appear in the Bible.) there are, who didn't go along with wearing dresses and tucking and taping, and later getting fake boobs, all they see around them are dickgirls using he-him pronouns, that start injecting mass tons of steroids, using Androgel (and they don't wash their hands either... Girls touch Androgel and get "a little funny" from it), and the minority of castrati (as in, they don't have testicles, because they have vagmesses instead. Alessandro Moreschi was NOT a castrato, that was a red herring), the castrati will get along great with one of the only few real boys in existence! Real men are shockingly rare, and worse still, some troon out. Tragic.

Boys might wonder if they're "gay", because they're instinctively repulsed by the blatant MEN in drag on all the screens, saying they're "women women women lol im a man teehee hurr hurr im a woman woman woman", and they think the martins are cute. Because martin are dickgirls, and no amount of "juice" will EVER make them into men.

Then you get occult forces at work. Illusion magic is real, you do not get a direct feed from your eyes, your brain intercepts it before it hits your consciousness... In other words, your brain sees what your eyes get, before YOU do. Brains are not our bodies, they are body parts, and illusion magic targets the brain. When people are under magic spells, they act twitchy, anxious, nervous, and utterly baffled. When the spell wears off, the person stabilizes. A LOT of people are under magic spells, but now something interesting has happened. God is forcing some things to break down. Time's going faster, men are pretty much nowhere to be seen (IDK why this is, but "Gold of Ophir"), and women are taking T and getting double masectomies.

At the same time, martins are reverting back to "women", but after they've long gone bald and had plastic surgery procedures. T makes women bald and grow thick beards. Castrati are extremely unlikely to revert, for some reason. Beardo martins are mad that Dress martins are "letting the secret out", yet curiously they keep saying "male skeleton" in reference to another martin. They KNOW they're both girls. But we live in upside-down crazy world. And it gets even more demented, martins don't want to magically TRANS-form into normal women, because you need a vagina and curved spine, sloped shoulders, and big pelvis to turn into a normal woman, because puberty. Hermaphrodites don't have puberty, that's why they're so juvenile. Dress martins think they can turn into castrati! They don't want to be real women, they want to be fake women!

Easy tell: artsy dress martins. They're "MTF" (or FtMtF... spiral of convolution). IRL, they're females with dicks who put on a wig (again, T makes women BALD) and use "she her", but they draw themselves as big-shouldered, straight-backed, long-necked, no-hipped characters! They make up artsonas that are castrati!

And "it's chromosomes", BULLSHIT. DNA is nothing but CGI and text, and spammed in media about dinosaurs and apes and aliens. All that shit is FAKE. There are no apes, dinosaurs, or "outer space". A testosterone flood in the womb, triggered by a Y part (not chromosome, though! Something else! We just don't know what yet!), makes the fetus grow a penis. It's supposed to be a lad. A real male child. But if it's artificially done, by eating animal testicles at the right time, T will flood the womb, and a girl will grow a short micro and one single ball that could somehow be triggered to make X sperm, with some alchemical juices. If a lad does NOT get the T-flood, he'll have a horrible hole. Swyer syndrome. And he'll have a "womb". What do you think the appendix is. Martins have wombs too, sometimes they fill up with bio-waste over the years, because they have no vaginas. That's why they have huge guts. There's pink and black slime in there.

And Down's Syndrome is female-only, Microcephaly is male-only, these disorders are caused by tampering, and would be nonexistant in nature, save for very few truly natural cases. And we live in monsanto and fluoride, plastic shit from overseas, land. Conditions are blamed on other causes, rather than the actual causes. Genitals do not determine sex. Skeletons do. And most people have the wrong genitals.

Aight, that out of the way...

Yeah, we're in shittyfakeworld right when we're born, and hospitals are a horrible place to be born in. Everyone's under attack, there are toxins everywhere, and things are far, far worse than anyone can ever imagine, and the only thing about our history that we can be certain of, is that this has been believably documented, to go back 150 years. Do you have inverted great-grandparents? Where do you think they learned how to be baffos? Ancient tradition.

Yeah, this gon be a subindex case.

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Dec 08 2020