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Yeah, I just made up a word... wonder if anyone else made it up. Back during pokemania, we children would make up fakemons, and guess what, there'd be common designs and names, that all the fakemon-makers would come up with independently. Makes you ponder about "100th monkey effect" as it's called (apes are a hoax, and said to be NOT monkeys... because apes don't exist, and monkeys are probably human/lemur chimeras. Weird, weird shit exists, that no one tells you about... Did you know pigs are human/boar abominations from an ancient Sumerian lab? No one tells you that, either. And dogs are human/wolf. Anyway.)

There's the "Sequestering" stuff (gotta make a page), which is about psychic abilities (ALL beings have them. Humans have our own, and baffos have some hive-mind thing going on) being suppressed by radiowaves. TV waves. Shortwaves, longwaves, fatwaves, whatever. All these signals in the air, the aethers.

Who is the prince of the power of the AIR? You know who.

But that's for the Sequestering page, this is about "Rawnesty", which is raw honesty, true opinions. Out of the mouths of babes and drunkards, comes the truth. "In wine, there is truth", referring to the age-old practice of slipping someone a mickey and getting them trashed, and they'll rant at you forever about... I don't even know. But they rant! Boy do they!

You ever read some WebMD stuff, or a Wikipedia page about certain neurological conditions, and you found it all really dry, bland, boring, and lacking an "oomph"? Clinical, black and white, BORING stuff is so... detached from daily life and real human experiences. Real humans aren't into sterile, boring, soulless baffo shit. We love HUMAN stuff!

Kinda hard to put this in an "acceptable" way. "Acceptable" as in, you won't become targeted for harassment by youknowwhats, won't be blacklisted or shadowbanned for saying the nono things, or using certain keywords that provoke any hidden auto-mods to quietly shadowban you. IDK if there's any of that stuff here, but it 100% DOES happen on Reddit and other platforms. Say a nono thing, and a bot shadowbans you immediately. No flesh and blood eyes or fingers need to be involved.

If you've ever gone to work, school, town, family get-togethers, IRL... You know EXACTLY what I'm getting at.

When I was a dumb, cringey teen, Encyclopedia Dramatica was pretty fun, so long as you stayed very far away from the shock pages. I was just there for the DeviantArt, Youtube, and LiveJournal dramas that involved hilarious clowns making a scene OTI.

So, we've all read Wikipedia and WebMD and other "clinical, white and black, sterile, calculated" sites. You know the type. "Just the facts". """facts""". But then, you look at ED. You look at ED articles about neurological conditions, or lifestyles. You compare and contrast between what "clinical" and "respectable" authoritarian-style sites say about things, and then you look at what troll sites have to say about the same subjects, and you notice that... the troll one is SPOT. ON. And the clinical one, is just a bunch of mumbo jumbo and clinical gibberish that no real person with a real heart and real brain, would relate to.

The "clinical, authoritarian" site says cold, distant, sterile things. The troll site talks about the things you see in your daily life, IRL, OTI, your own thoughts. The troll site says your own thoughts!

Maybe some other time I'll have something more coherent and specific. For now, here's... this page.

Most people are too harsh, to the point where it looks like they're overcompensating and are insecure, but there's a harsh bite to what humans have to say about the things they're fed up with, and that's fascinating! Humans have a real bite, p-zombies just have eeeedddgggjjj.

Dec 07 2020