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We remember the friendly media produced for our level of cognitive development, and shamefully in retrospect, common mass media was probably the most significant thing in our lives. It provided an escape from the confusing world we were just thrust into without explanation. But media promoted conflicting messages, and promoted sinister agendas.

We were constantly bombarded with, "NEVER EVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER!! APPEARANCES CAN BE MISLEADING!!", but usually that was "hideous deformed monster has a heart of gold", which can be a valid IRL lesson and good moral, but... It's more complex IRL than it is on paper. Evil people do have their tells. The light of the body is in the eyes. Good people have light emanating from their eye sockets, noticably between the eyeballs, behind the skin. Keep a look out for this, because it's rare. You can even see it in photographs. Think of the evil people you've met IRL, how much they'd put up a front of being "good" and "well-meaning", but they had hideously evil eyes. Exceptionally evil-eyed people are also a bit uncommon, but you'll know them when you see them.

"Beauty standards" are just baffo standards. Those models are all baffos, and hilariously photoshopped on top of that. How bout them bobbleheaded Calvin Klein Jeans ad models. BTW, "Calvin Klein" - "Calvin" means "bald", and CK = 3 11 = 33 = 33 ORANGE. Yeah, there's a LOT of that stuff. Real girls would only wonder why no matter what they did, they'd never look like the "she her" "beautiful people" who need makeup and photoshop to not look like outright boys, and any rare real boys (lads... "boy" and "girl" don't appear in the Bible, but "lads" and "maidens" do. Lady = Laddie, Gentleman = haha men aren't gentle) - real boys might be very lost and confused and think they're "gay" and "ugly", because they look so radically different from all IRL "he him" people, and they'll naturally find she-celebs hideous and repulsive, and find the he-celebs cute and hot.

We were taught about "people" that never existed, and were guilt-tripped by the curriculum and select baffo teachers with ill intent, every opportunity. School, and mass media, all blared the same mixed messages 24/7, doing all they could to make sure there was "no escape" from their influence.

Back on "don't judge a book by its cover", other stories about that would be about a "conventionally attractive according to TV / Controlled Media standards", but look weird and creepy to IRL normal people. BTW, we've become somewhat resistant to the uncanny valley effect. Now it takes the most uncanny of uncanny creeps to register as noticably eerie to us. We see so many edited and outright fabricated media personalities, like Elon Musk, that don't even exist at all, or the original model for the photo was so heavily edited, it could just as well have been any other model. So anyway, ""pretty"" character turns out to be real nasty and cruel. We know that IRL, all too well. In fact, that one probably hits close to home.

Obviously we all know a zillion IRL examples of "conventionally homely people who are super awesome", and "TV-tier model-looking people that should have been dissolved in acid several years ago". Some things never change.

To save yourself tons of grief, notice immediately if anyone has:

Yep, that's a P-Zombie for sure. Did you notice if any of those "weird, lanky, gangly "girls"" mentioned being test tube babies? Do you wonder why traditional, normal sex is treated as a major taboo? TPTB want all humans to come from test tubes. Only God can give His creations souls. satan can make bootlegs with algorithm spirits. And ever noticed that "people" only "sell their souls" (fake purchases are a situational thing that happens. When some IRL super-low street theater actor comes on "stage" at a workplace, to "conduct a trans-action" and shake hands, but no deals were actually made on the lot. It's convoluted stuff. Remember, it's a big, big club, and you're not in it.

Remember that bit about how acting and performing, mandatory skits and plays, were a part of standard public curriculum? And how about that "easter bunny, santa claus, tooth fairy" shit the "adults" would push on children. Thinking it was all good fun, or that lying and jerking emotions and expectations around, was all in good fun. Tares. Goats. Bootleg people.

Acting goes lower than just smalltime local theater. BTW, in local theater, all main "he him" characters get played by straight up women, not even martins. Just women. With boobs and vaginas, who put 0 effort into sounding remotely "dudely". And yet, normal women are just about banned from all screens, saved for hideously trashy fatsos and amputees, or ancient old crones actively claiming that they're some castrato in another video. Hideous, unattractive, bad women who are actively telling lies, or making fools of themselves, are briefly permitted on the screen. If they stuck around too long on the screen, people might realize that the "guys" and women look the same!

There are unbelievably low, filthy, amoral abominations pretending to be "human", and they'll show us their hideous faces. They just do that. It's some thing they're forced to do, they have no free will. No joke, there are cases where some school staff members and favored "rich kids" "star students", who are often involved in "student government", and thus know all about office politics and the bullshit that gets pulled in that department - they'll get together and conspire.

Personally, I've made friends with a teacher of mine (actual woman), who wanted to tell me all about the juicy gossip, and nasty students she loathed and wanted to see them fight. Love you, Certain Teacher! You're awesome and I hope you're doing great! So yeah, this stuff exists and is swept under the rug. Like how it is in every part of life here.

Remember those weird surveys where medical staff would come to the school, administer shots? There was some scenario I don't recall much of, but it had something about a shot "against cervical cancer", and it had "support groups" of popular girls from school, who would cheer on a girl who was about to take the shot. The "support shot cheerleaders" were, in retrospect... Awfully rectangular, with long arms and necks, straight spines, and narrow hips. Something tells me their cervixes weren't much to write home about... And on that note, you ever noticed those recent popular photos shared on Reddit, where people grin with duping delight, and "receive" "shots" with the cap still on??

And about that "anti cervical cancer shot", turns out that shot had nasty side effects that emerged a month or so, after the deed was done. Whoopsie, looks like FDA pushed out something without testing again. Boy, they didn't learn their "lesson" from the whole Thalidomide fiasco, or the solid sugar alcohols that gave people terminal diarrhea (can result in death by dehydration).

Anyway, vax was "required" for students to go to public school, but as the devil always knocks, you can always not give consent. They don't tell you about the options there are, to circumvent the "need vax" thing. However, more elite families will just get some "certification" that they supposedly got vaccinations, but all they got was a "certificate" and no injections.

Some of the "medical checkups" would measure bodily proportions, and especially the spine. They claimed they were keeping a look out for scoliosis or something, but that's a cover reason. They were looking to see what the skulls and bones of the students were. They wanted to record how many male and female skeletons were present, and see what their "pronouns and identity" were. Another thing no one will ever tell you, is that "Underwear packers" are a longstanding, secret tradition. Like Moonbumps. Look that up. And tucking and taping? ... that's another longstanding tradition.

People might admit that the elite do gender inversion, but no one wants to talk about how commoners COPY the elite. Think of all the idiotic tattooes of passing celebrities or pop culture icons that people get regularly. Think of the ancient practice of tying boards to an infant's head, to shape it like a tall cone, resembling the Nephilim. People would just blindly copy whatever was presented as "popular and good", no matter the cost or downsides. They'll mutilate their own babies to "look cool and hip". Do you know any families that pierce their infant daughter's ears? WTF kind of infant needs holes in their earlobes?? You KNOW these sick bastards do far, far worse things, with permanent mental consequences. This is a SICK BASTARD shithole of a world we live in, with an "everything's fine" paint job thinly covering it.

Oh, and circumcision in the USA? Phismosis is a side effect of girldicks being a thing. Doesn't happen to real men. But real men are rarer than whatever the "fine gold of Ophir" is. When you realize all the "men" are just modified females, the sheer self-destruction of a huge chunk of the population, suddenly makes a whooole lot of sense.

Interruped a thought about "people selling their souls", got into a thing about faked business arrangements. Point was, how do you sell that which you never had? Illusions are what make up most of our everyday experiences. Illusions make up what goes on in most people's minds. There are tiers of hidden knowledge, and this "knowledge" was never hidden, but just covered up! And there was supposed to be a point about how, when supposedly people sell their souls to the devil or some other fallen angel figure, all they get is pathetic fame and fake money. They don't get "IRL noclip", they don't get waterbreathing or firewalking, they only get money and fame, and then they have to pay the toll. No levitation. No phasing through walls. All "magic tricks" only exist on screens and not in front of real eyes.

Have you ever noticed that teleportation and "time pockets" are mentioned in the New Testament?

Have you ever noticed a very significant and drastic change in the demeanor of your former friends, at around middle school age? They suddenly had to abruptly cut ties with any tomboy friends of theirs, but were unable or unwilling to explain why the friendship was off now. Did they start wearing orange every chance they got? Did they become obsessed with #33, and constantly make in-jokes they never explained? It was like their previous relationships with peers never happened in the first place.

How much media aimed at children, tackles the issue of baldness. Think of all the movies and cartoons that have stories about a he-him character, usually a 10yo, going bald. Sometimes the piece ends with "and then he grew his hair back and everything was good". But sometimes, wigs are used a lot. Hint hint. Wigs and toupees are an unannounced whole industry, like moonbumps and glass eyes, and plastic surgery. Think of all the characters in media, who are missing an eye and a hand. Like the idle shepherd who misled the flock. These media pieces, are to desensitize and normalize children to things like the loss of hair, eyes, and fingers. These things are all associated with freemasonic rituals. The hair loss is what happens when females take testosterone. That stuff is poison to females, it makes them permanently sick. Look up FTM trans-formations, their voices change, their "turtles poke their heads out", and they lose their head hair and grow a gross beard that looks like pubic hair on a potato.

Long enough page here, soon I should dig into themes in media aimed at schoolage children. Other directories of this site have pages about that stuff, though.


Dec 05 2020

Corrected mistakes, added info about post-cervical cancer shot