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School Type Thoughts #05: Divisions


I kept not mentioning, the class and racial division propaganda pushed in schools. For all I kept bringing up "mixed messages", I really haven't made many coherent examples. Some of this stuff is really awkward to discuss, though.

Again, school staff were a mixed bag. Some of them absolutely did intend to set normal children down the road of BS and confusion, that ultimately leads in destruction. There are P-Zombies in all walks of life, mixed in with normal people (who are a surprisingly small minority). Because p-zombies know that the devil planted them, and they're doomed and incapable of becoming good and Truthful, they go all-out, doing everything they can, to try to steer real people that they sniff out (Real people and p-zombies both have their tells), and try to get that person to wreck their own life and go to hell.

First thing school tells you, is that you live in spinning outer space land, and came from an ape. After dinosaurs didn't work out. And no, school doesn't focus on dinosaurs, because those are too much fun, even if they're fake, and school can't have engaging, interesting discussions. Real people might put their heads together and realize something's fishy, can't have that. Students are forced to go to comulsory education, their parents are told over and over again that vaccinations are mandatory, for mandatory school. However, that's a lie, there's always an-opt out and exemptions. But (((they))) don't want people to know about their options. Students are NOT compensated for their time and effort, and if they do some idiotic child thing, that gets put on their record permanently. Not very forgiving, to have those things haunting a person throughout their academic life. In a sane and natural world, real children would be learning valuable basics from their parents and other adults in the local village, and doing apprenticeships, building valuable, hands-on skills. How many schools have home economics anymore? Schools no longer teach life skills, they just want to bash all the wonder and genuineness out of real students.

Think of how fascinating actual truth is! Isn't learning about the Firmament and how the world actually functions, great? Isn't learning about real genuine history great? It's NOT what school tells you! School tells us that "African Americans" were imported slaves, but that's been established as a hoax... I better slap together a quick page about Flood Ruins. How was America "discovered", when there were already several different kinds of people living there, including "White", "Yellow", and "Red Moors" on North America. It was even probably called "New Vinland" by some Scandinavian people! Some say, ancient coins depicting the heads of Scandinavian rulers were found on North America! Can't verify, though. And I just made a quick page about those Giant Sunken Buildings no one can replicate!

Others have already written a LOT about how "Black" or "African" - Americans is a misnomer. The only "black" or "African" Americans, would be naturalized 2nd gen citizens whose parents emigrated from Kenya or something. Red Americans are an indiginous group, and very probably the original Hebrews, as opposed to the "Synagogue of Satan" mentioned by Jesus twice in Revelation. Church isn't going to mention those inconvenient things!

School and Mass Media, constantly blare tons of guilt-trip agendas at the whole populace, to try to instill "guilt" for various things that no regular normal person is responsible for (blame goes on untouchable megacorps and the elite), and push their Divide & Conquer, Hegelian Dialectic shit on children from the start. White children get blamed for "time travelling back in time, and massacring all the poor innocent victim Natives, and then either directly kidnapping or purchasing "African slaves". And then other students are told, that their white classmates, and that random white guy over there, is totally conspiring to keep them oppressed. But it's the government working with cartels, pumping in crazy street drugs into certain communities, and promoting media that glorifies violence, to have an excuse to arrest people and literally enslave them in the Prison-Industrial Complex.

On top of telling all the students, that their very existence is making the Rainforest spontaneously combust, and all the animals suddenly mutate into sausages, or something.

The mixed messages schools and MSM push, is to get all the different divisions of students to fight. Just outside of school. They do want fighting outside, they just don't want it in the classroom. A race war, would give a very good excuse for the cops to get involved. And things only get worse when the cops are involved.

School very hamfistedly pushes the narrative that "men are actively oppressing women", but see, dickgirls are abominations, not men. Men are rarer than a golden wedge of Ophir, you can search high and low, and it's going to be a once in a ten thousand chance for you to encounter a real, actual MAN. It's true that real women and what FEW real men exist, are indeed being oppressed by baffos. They have the numbers. It's insane. Use your natural logic that God gave you. Real women are being oppressed by the 33 Orange dickgirl and vagboy club, and vagboys just fake-cry and whine about being "oppressed" by "men", which they could EASILY beat up, what's stopping them. You know how they flip their shit and start shrieking and throwing things, nothing prevents vagboys from chimping out bigtime and beating up the wimpy, fat dickgirls.

The reason though, why many swyers are "oppressed" is, you may have noticed they seemed smarter than average in K-5th grade, but after that point, they just kind of... STOP developing... In fact, they may regress. At some point, they may develop actual, literal holes in their brains... Anyway, martins bash on "women" (with swyers in mind), because martins are insecure tryhards. The people who bash and shittalk the most, are the least secure and most worthy of being mocked and berated. The more they dish out shit, the less they can take back. They think that bashing on people with the correct genitals, somehow makes them "better" or less of a foul abomination.

Swyers bash on "men", to give the illusion of themselves being not crossdressers with nasty putrid roasties, and to get "oppression points" and "look like helpless victims". Or, they're mad that they don't get to play with the big boy toys and do fun stuff. Not our problem, either way.

Then, there are other standard divisions among groups. Interest groups and socioeconomic classes. It's been pointed out, whenever something about a class war starts getting stirred up, TPTB do everything they can to turn a potential "class war", into a potential race war instead. Occupy Wall Street, was some weird event. That one was a mess. That'll be its own page somewhere... Haven't touched the Memory Directory in a while... But, OWS started up as a "hey, rich people are oppressing us!!", then it started getting FLOODED with IRL shills, and people who weren't sure exactly why they were there, or what they were supposedly trying to accomplish. So TPTB forced "BLM", which apparently had its own staff board?? Huh.

"Jocks vs Nerds" is a standard. "Cheerleader vs NotLikeOtherGirls", stuff like that. Personally, I never witnessed much of this TV cartoon-style "bullying". Real bullying was more like something that just came up on the spot, and was obnoxious harassment. Sometimes resulted in the nerd having enough and fighting back. Always a blast. But this page is now plenty long, and "bullying" could be a very long and varied article on its own... What name should I give it... "Shaming".

And now I'm gonna take a break again. See you next time.

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