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They force you to go to compulsory indoctrination, where if you're American, you recite a chant to a flag. Any non-Americans are free to email me about their own school customs, you know my email.

I foggily recall a C2CAM guest, had a whole thing about flags, USA flags, what kind of trim and decal they have, and what they legally mean. And that if you hung a flag for funsies, it might, oops, actually mean the military is legally a-okay to crash in your house, because you put that there.

School staff member personalities and life stories vary, you know the drill.

Speaking of drill, though, how bout them nonstop, constant fire drills? Reminds me of the "Boy Who Cried Wolf". They wanted us to take fire drills seriously, but NO JOKE, they'd go off AT LEAST twice a week, MINIMUM. I am not making this up. IDK what was going on back there, but either some jackass kid or staff member was pulling false alarms nonstop.

Diminishing Returns, is one of the most constant and foolproof laws of how life goes. The more something is done, the less impact and significance it has. This is why less is more! The more something is said, the more devalued it becomes.

In early grades, like K-3, class plays were mandatory. I don't recall there being an opt-out mentioned. Class skits were very common, but then again was so much time-killing makework stuff... oh man, the 90's had so much TIME back then... and a yellow sun, and a deep blue sky... And "save the rainforest" Captian Planet propaganda...

Anyway, there's a clear promotion and push for getting children into acting roles, and used to the concept of performance, and claiming you're a middle aged farmer, when you're a 6yo in the burbs.

There were weekly fads. Some hot yoyo or fidget spinner toy, or jelly bracelets, would be a "thing" for a week or so. Nothing ever sticks around.

Hanging out and chatting with friends, was the tops. However, we were mostly interested in and inspired by mass-produced commercial products. Sad in retrospect.

There were the "popular" kids (goat word), who were notoriously horrible, which makes you step back and question the logic that society operates on. The more vicious, nasty, underhanded, backstabbing, and unethical someone is, the more society likes them?? Gee, makes you wonder about the wheat and tares, huh. In most cases, the most horrible rich kids, came from wealthy families. You may have noticed they seem to have this condition, and are all uniformly wealthy, unstable in behavior and temperament, and they all had... Sodomy eyebags... Hmm, makes you wonder if IVF brats are an "investment" to their families...

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School staff members range from all moral-alignment types and reasons as to why they're teachers, but nonetheless, what they all have in common, is that they're going to have to put up with a zillion chaotic brats, and they're all going to be in the same situations.

If one student did some random thing the teacher didn't like, then suddenly teacher would go "that's it, because of this one student, the whole class gets the consequences". I get that you just run out of energy and patience, but that's really a bitch move to pull. There could be a better way. But I get teachers are usually exasperated and their hopes and expectations got ripped to tiny shreds, then stomped on.

Children just come into this world already under attack. Ultrasound was originally designed as a weapon, and today people think it's cool to bombard fetuses, who already have to endure the shitty "diets" of $currentyear and all the feetus beetus and lack of oxygen and good nutrition this entails, and on top of that, when they're born, doctors draw their blood and constantly harass the parents to consent to the poor child being given subdermal injections that include mercury, tissues from aborted fetuses, weird chemicals, and who knows what else. Why do you think infants are so snotty and drooly and puke all the time? It's not supposed to BE like that!

So after getting a harsh early lesson in infancy, that you can't trust "adults" and not even your own parents, who in fact commonly resent their own children; people new to life are set off with a cynical attitude, but the hardwired instinctive blind, unquestioning trust that tall people (facial hair optional) are always completely honest and benevolent.

It's better to have your throat tied to a few cinderblocks, and thrown into the ocean, than to deliberately set a child off towards destruction.

Right off the bat, we're taught we live in outer space land with all the spinning gay balls and ass-steroids. And that Z is for Zebra. And also something about shapes, colors, numbers, letters... I remember learning cursive, and getting marked for not giving i and t "tails". Picky. Typing games during computer lab, were also standard. We used some early Netscape Navigator to look at early dork sites written by OG dweebs. Miss you guys so much. Shoutouts.

If I remember anything, I'll shove it somewhere in here. Please gibs guest content plox.

Children, after being traumatized in infancy right away (blood pricks on feet, harsh white lights and sterile white rooms with garish lighting, harsh acoustics, and strangers dressed like bleached gray aliens, getting jabbed with the rainbowpuzzlepiece injection needle, being thrust into backwards inversion world which is full of p-zombies, and 3/4 of the things they're bombarded with, don't make a lick of sense... long enough?) - they're off to a start with a very mixed outlook, to say the least. Their base instincts tell them that everything's normal, fine, and dandy, and whatever they see is what they should imprint on. Nostalgia is purely a product of imprinting. Although the past legit sucked far less, but you know.

History class was snoresville. History teachers often say, "those who don't know their history, are doomed to repeat it". Okay so that's true for personal and community histories, and other common, run of the mill cycles. But world "his-story" is scripted, and all major events are not what they're said to be.

History class wasn't where we learned about BS like dinosaurs (bummer, because those are pretty rad to children... open source, public domain fantasy monsters...), but where we "learned" about what amounts to period piece fanfiction, about baffos who never existed. Ever wondered why Christopher Columbus (CC 33) has a regionally localized name, but no other historic figure does? Ever wondered what was up with the odd parallels between Mr. H of Austria, and Walt Disney? Very much including their personal appearances?

We were shamelessly guilt-tripped on all sides. Teachers don't pick their curriculum, and they just have to enforce all the rules because it's their job. When I grew up, I learned that teachers are usually very sympathetic, but jobs is jobs and rules is rules. But the curriculum had their "YOU personally, YOU small child, are KILLING the PLANET!!! YOUR FAULT!! Have abortions, or just beat off to Tiny Toons or something, just don't have children of your own one day". FernGully and Captain Planet were cartoons in the popular consciousness.

Print media was still extremely prominent and well-to-do in the Newfangled Nineties. Book Fairs were the among the highlights of school. Easily the BEST part of the school year, was seeing the hallways crammed with lively booths full of consumable print media, and people bustling about. It was like a popular, current library, that you could just look at whatever you wanted in! They even had little doohickeys for sale.

Some schools had "school stores", staffed by the obligatory baffo Teacher Picks students. Usually of that particular... condition, mentioned above in this article... Anyway, the "school store" had generic school supplies for sale, as well as doohickeys. Wonder what the profit margins were.

Admittedly, I do find many homeschooled people to be rather timid and shy, and seem to be of a different mindset than probably the average public-schooled child. It's just an inconsequential little curiosity. They're more limited in their "monkey spheres" as it's called (gotta shoehorn in that ape programming), and because they knew only a few adults and peers, they took up a large percentage of those respective people's "awareness pie charts". and thus assumed they were a "big deal", and found out... World's bigger than they first thought. Yeah.

Recess was where the real learning took place! If you know what this is:

That symbol has been traced back to a "1930's knitting/crochet pattern", but it could easily be WAY older than that. History's a lie, timeline's a lie. Did anyone ever tell you about the "phantom time" theory, that the Catholic Church (CC 33, massive institution, pagan) had some "doomsday" agenda for some time, and added on 1000 bullshit years to the calendar, to scare people? Or how about, ever noticed that calendar months are out of order? Sept is 7, Octo is 8, Nova is 9, Deca is 10, and then there's "June" and "July"? HMMMM. Or how about, what if "April Fool's Day" is in fact, the actual new year? What sense does it make for the "official" new year to be in the dead of winter, as opposed to the first day of spring? April Fool's Day was so obnoxious and unfunny. Misdirection and Bait & Switch get old really fast.

Memes and snowclones are as old as human communication itself. Memes back on the playground back then, were just the same as the tired old image macros and templates overused today. But we were children, we didn't yet understand "diminishing returns" and "wearing out a joke".

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