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Ghoul Medal, Luigi, L is Real 2401, Eternal Star, Impossible Goomba, Impossible Coins, "Don't Become His Lunch", Mirror Room, Yoshi's Saddle, Big Dud, "Please walk quietly in the hallway", Whomp King turns into the castle,


Thwomp's Fortress Tower, 1-Up, Yoshi on Roof, How Bowser Infiltrated the Castle, Peach's Castle is Masonic Hall, Bob-Omb Battlefield Bridge hanging, Unagi's Tunnel, Secret Aquarium, Dancing Flowers, Volcano Blocks, ET in Pyramid, Bugged Fire Texture, HMC Alcove, JRB Box, JRB Vanishing Fog, Cold Cold Crevasse, Big Boo's Haunt Forest, Spaceworld '95 Beta,


Yellow Cap Switch, Broken Paintings, Big Boo Unused Text, Parallel Universes, Half A Press, MIPS Throwing, WDW Skybox, True locations of painting worlds, Haunted Dirt Texture, Skyboxes are Photographs, Secret Slide Dimensional Rift, Original Resolution Textures, Rainbow Ride's Village, Bob-Omb Village, Debug Menu Names, Removed Courses, THE END Screen, Yoshi commits suicide, Tower of Wing Cap true location, LLL painting Fireball, Island in the Distance, WDW in Got Milk commercial, Zelda 64 Beta Assets in WDW, Whomp's Fortress interior, Bowser broke the door, "In an Elm" morse code painting


Mario 64 is Freemason Initiation, 120 Spiritual Significance, Big Boo's Secret Laugh, "Ally with Info", Wario Apparition, Brain Diagram in WDW, Forbidden Door, Toad Projection, 1995-07-29 Build (DNR), Silicon Graphic's Curse, the Course in Bowser Painting, WDW Negative Emotional Energy, Metal Mario texture, the Bowser Room, HMC entrance room is a sewer, Peach is behind the Stained Glass Window, Wiggler's body parts are used in Bowser Fights


The Compilation is Censored, Full Oman Archives, Toads literally trapped inside the walls, HMC is the Castle's Septic System, Enchanted SC88 samples used in Soundtrack, Internal Plexus of Castle, Miyamoto Plagiarized from Argonaut Croc, Delicious Cake, Sequel Cancelled due to Temporal Leakage, Shared Nightmares & Dreams, NFR Cartridge Differences,

Every copy of Mario 64 is Personalized.


Bob Omb Battlefield:

  • Hidden Face in Texture: "BBB's dirt texture appears to have a". "the face is apparently stretched out for the unseen ground in the volcano interior of LLL, but there is no evidence of this".

Thwomp's Fortress:

  • Tower 1-Up is notable in that, allegedly, everyone who knew about it, learned from word of mouth. Who was the first casual player to discover it organically?
  • King Thwomp gets turned into a Tower. Maybe the 1-Up is his soul.
  • Owl that gives you a lift to a floating cage island

Cool Cool Mountain:

  • The racing penguin gets fat after you collect 120 stars, but this gives him more of an edge.
  • The racing segments have an invisible timer. Staying in the air for more than 2 seconds, registers as "cheating" in the Penguin race. Same for taking the invisible shortcut.
  • You can throw the Lost Penguin chick off the cliff, and her mom KHS.
  • Cold, Cold Crevasse: Where's the other half?

Jolly Roger Bay:

  • There's fog and a greenish sky the first time you play, per file. After you collect the first star, the Fog vanishes permanently. Until you erase that file.
  • Box on the Ship is unbreakable, and deals different kinds of damage to Mario if he touches it
  • Unagi's tunnel leads only to a dead end.
  • The ship might have an invisible duplicate floating high in the sky, making the game unstable. This also may happen with Zelda Ocarina's Lord Jabu-Jabu.

Wet Dry World:

  • Skybox includes a modified photo of Casares, Spain. The sky part looks underwater...
  • Reference to Great Flood, and there's also a Rainbow themed level.
  • The only enemies are automatons and bugs, but the town looks like it was recently inhabited
  • "Brain Diagram" allegedly found in files, but is probably a hoax.
  • The wooden doors are reused in Zelda Ocarina

Big Boo's Haunt:

  • Level entrance appears to be in a cage in the grass, on a sunny day. However, the actual level's skybox is at night, and shows bare trees.
  • cut texts and keys.
  • the Piano is sound-activated. You can tiptoe right around it, but running will activate it.
  • Defeat the One-Eye Enemy by circumambulating it
  • Does that elevator shack represent an outhouse? Does it then represent underground human trafficking? What's with the brightly colored ghost carousel that spits fire and plays silly music? It's underneath the mansion, and seems to be in a sewer.
  • There's a tiny chance to hear a variation of Boo's Laugh

Hazy Maze Cave:

  • called "Horror Dungeon" in debug level select.
  • the Black liquid in the lobby, might be Mercury/Quicksilver
  • There's a Plesiosaur "Dorrie", in an underground lake. There's another instance of this in Pokemon Gold & Silver. Japanese seem to really like the Loch Ness Monster (in an underground cave lake), in addition to Flatwoods Monster.
  • That toxic yellow gas is Sulphur
  • Over time, the rolling balls change course
  • Are the rolling boulders... poop?
  • removed Broken Boulders

Tall Tall Mountain:

  • could the Monkey Ukiki represent a concept?
  • Secret slide hidden in a false wall on the mountain
  • Interesting tall mushrooms, there.

Peach's Castle:

  • Broken Paintings refer to how all the paintings are broken into 3 different parts. Notably, some courses have secret warp spots in their maps. WDW does utilize the painting split.
  • Toad's Hint refers to things not being reflected in the mirror, but the hidden painting of Snowman's Land is shown only in the mirror.
  • Mirror Room Structures are five structures in the Mirror Room. Their purpose is unknown. Mirror Double Mario's shadow ignores them if standing on them. MD Mario also doesn't produce stars when ground pounding.
  • Bowser's Trail: the backyard wall looks like it was repaired with red bricks.
  • True Locations: WDW seems to be in Spain, SSL seems to be in Giza, Santa Claus is mentioned in CCM, there are various floating islands in BBB's skybox texture. Bowser in the Dark world appears to be in a cave.
  • Removed Courses: "There are 7 empty slots in level select. While the EXT courses run from 1-9, 5 is missing."
  • THE END Screen: "there are figures soon on the left and right sides of the background, obscured by the steam emitting from the tea. One appears to be holding a sword, the other looks like E.T. there also appears to be a Yoshi face behind the star."
  • There's a short warp used on the Endless Stairs. Backwards Long Jumping can get you past it.
  • The Painting that changes from being of Peach, to Bowser, and comes with a trap door, seems to rely on the N64 Hardware. It doesn't seem to work on emulators. The Sun Mat from the first floor also tends to overlap foreground objects, when emulated or with a Gameshark.



  1. I recall once, by forcing the camera through the wall somewhere in basement, I could see a skinny red "F" shape? Couldn't quite figure out what it was.



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