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Super Mario Bros. General


  1. Nintendo Weirdness 01
  2. SM64 Wet Dry World Visitors
  3. SM64 Personalized Boo
  4. SGI Alienware 01
  5. N64 Redpills 01 Jan '21
  6. Mario if he Real Aug '20
  7. SM64 Dreams 01
  8. SM64 Toad Shrine 1 (fake?)
  9. Mario Chivalry 1


Image Notes:

That image with Mario running against the sky, that harsh white sun was unrealistic in the mid 90's, when it was being developed, but is now spookily like the crazy overbright end times sun of today.


  1. Mario Bros: Memory Editing. YT:6fizH6zVFCY

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Feb 04, 2021