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Hot climate plants tend to have large, lush fruits and lovely flowers, whereas cold climate plants are pretty much worthless except for their wood. Cold-land plants barely bear fruit or tubers, most are awful to eat. Hot climates have plants of all kinds and properties, including psychedelic ones. "Cold land plants" worth ANYTHING, have to be imported and grown in hothouses. They can't even live outside.

Okay, perhaps cold forests aren't "worthless", they produce DMT which is why cool fairy weird stuff is innawoods, because plant DMT... But yeah, have fun trying to eat a tree or pick any red berries that are bigger than your thumbnail.

Ever wondered why inbreeding wasn't a problem in Eden or immediately post-Flood? Well, here's a theory.

Dec 20 2020

This ties in with uhh life in the physical realm, I suppose, and look at the bonkers outrageous stuff I already put on the "evolution" page. If we get toooo crazy and say toooo much, we can get silenced, censored, and we don't want that. So I'm gonna tone down the frothing rage, and just put it plain.

Here we are today. There are many types of plants and animals, and many hoax ones that you'll only see in media or in a zoo or hoaxable setting, where they can tell you a lightshow in an aquarium is a "real fish". There are rabbits who have tons of babies, and big mooses that only have a calf or two at a time. There are small predators that have litters, and big predators that only have two children at a time.

There are people who are completely and utterly obsessed with ass, nothing but ass, that's it. Not interested in faces, and all they want from boobs is for the boobs to look like asses. They do doggy style. (Vagina opens to the rear)

There are also people who want a meaningful bond with someone they're serious about. They want to look at the FACE. Gaze into each other's eyes. Have a meaningful connection. They want one partner, and loyalty. They'll also make eye contact and see each other's faces when they do missionary position. (Vagina opens to the front)

We'll call the "doggy style" people "r" (lowercase), and the "missionary style" people "K" (uppercase).

You'll notice things come in clusters, waves, patterns, trends. People come in types, and they're all very similar to each other.

r traits:

K traits:

Uhhhh you ask yourself what environments r or K organisms come from. You do that thinking yourselves, I'm done here. No one wants to talk about this one, either. Goodness or evilness doesn't come up in these lists, because that's a separate thing. There are good or evil spirits, and the animated clay wetware, uh... some meatsuits are better than others, but it's what you do with the meatsuit that counts. At the end of the day, personal choice is the supreme dictator of where your life goes.

Dec 18 2020