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Aight, first off...

Hooo boy, so I have these pages as the ramble receptacles that prevent some pages from getting super long. I was thinking about editing past pages, to cut & paste long sections, into these pages:

  1. Sky / Firmament / Objects
  2. Sex Inversion

Biology Bullshit would probably become the basis for another "rant receptacle" page, where I'd just put in sections and dates and anchor links... It'll be clear if my site ever gets to that point.

You can plainly see how designs of ficticious or artificial things evolve, but that's intelligent design and streamlining happening with concepts or engineered things. There's a page for Character Design Evolution (Which I might add more thoughts to), but those aren't real, living, reproducing organisms that eat, poop, breed, and crawl around making homes.

Secondly, Pastors are BS. They're ALL controlled-opposition baffos, they tell half-truths AT BEST, they are p-zombies here to pad out the simulation (... Life isn't what IT wants you to think it is. You're in a non-computer "simulation", made of clay and electricity, you can touch and feel it, but it's shallow. You're surrounded by animated clay and metal globs, breathing in gas with properties and electricity, drinking water that's otherwordly and no other substance in this terrarium behaves like water)... But "pastors", being fat lying dickgirls, tell you Nasha's right, dinosaurs were once real, that apes and bananas and blah blah, we'll get to that.

Ready for weird? YOU ARE IN A CONSTRUCT MADE OF ELECTRICITY, ANIMATED CLAY, AND OTHERWORLDLY MATERIALS YOU TAKE FOR GRANTED. Water is anomalous. Magnetism is anomalous. There is electricity in the air, plants conduct electricity, that's where magic wands come from. The Unseen now works differently because atmospheric electricity is being harvested, there are no fairies or genies because the presence of electrified metals has either microwaved and killed them, and scared the rest away. That is why technology and spiritual entities don't appear together, the electric metal kills and harms small spiritual entities. Your psychic abilities don't work because of interference by electrified metal. Hypocritically, now this is all we have to work with, because of reasons. Crystals are natural, inherent devices that store chaotic energy, and the cold light of the moon will delete their contents. You are surrounded by P-Zombies made by the big devil, and real people made by God are astoundingly rare. The actual point of being stuck in this simulation (for lack of better word, 1984 word deletion), is to find other humans and wake them up.

Establishing that pastors are gatekeeping p-zombie puppets operated by invisible demons to deceive the few real people there are, and direct the p-zombie masses of the "red lodge" flavor, they're going to sew confusion and waste time. Church is a waste of time, everyone's a liar, anyone who "speaks for god" only speaks for the devil and not the Real Creator. If you've looked up arguments against evolution, you would have probably found some 2h waste of time by some fat bald dickgirl, that says "evolution is bad because Hitler" (Hitler and Walt Disney were both fictional characters played by the same actor), and then goes on for a million hours about the thing that gets you banned if you disagree, and then something about a stupid "African plesiosaur" or "bronto" that has never been documented. Yeah I'm sure there's an african dino that never got photographed, just like that "leprechaun" that appeared in some ghetto neighborhood. Pastor only wastes time, and NEVER gives a good argument why evolution is a hoax.

More fat tard controlled-opp pastors say "apes and bananas prove evolution". Apes are hoaximals, on top of a zillion other hoax things, and bananas are some engineered freak weird unnatural fruit thing. Think of "non reproducing pulp trees", GMO corn, etc. And in addition to hoax animals that don't exist (apes, great pandas, koalas, platypi, etc), there are things that should not exist! Human/wolf dogs, lemur/human monkeys ("ho MUNK ulus"), human/boar pigs, giraffes are freaks, elephants are said to be dragon+pig, tigers are said to be cat+dragon, those Asian dragon hybrid stories, are about "mixing species" from before the Flood, and today that still goes on! Many hoaximals are a name only and nothing else, and there are so many hoaximals to mock the idea of Noah's Ark. There were no elephants, rhinos or giraffes, those did not exist then, and today they might be reconstructions. "Breeding back" is a thing that's attempted today.

The only ""proofs"" for natural macroevolution ("microevolution" is adaptation, that's it.) is dogs (inbreeding, "god" backwards, satanic engineering) or other inbred freak animals that need to be put down and discontinued because that shit is SICK. If a pug gets a hit on the head, his eyes come out. That's disgusting. Mashfaced cats suffocate and are often retarded. Cancer mice, cancer rats, this shit is SICK. Blue lodgers think engineered freak abominations are the coolest things ever. And humans? Even in USA, arranged marriages are covered with "shotgun weddings", but they're to breed females that look dudely, and males that are short. Midgets (used to play fursuits in film) ARE AN ENGINEERED CLASS! Mini-horses, munchkin cats, dachshunds, those are midget animals, and midget humans are engineered and also used to make porn that appeals to pedos! This is truth, look up what the "munchkin actors" of Wizard of Oz did on the side! They appealed to a little-one-loving clientele! (Also, I should make an "MK Ultra media" page).

In Fake Money, a long rant, another engineered class is brought up. The "special" agents of Internet Surveillance these days. Those were an engineered class, and again I'll swear that the future dicates the past, again time is not linear nor constant. Perhaps very minor "mandela effects" aren't just fake news continuity errors or brain farts, but even long before the name of some TV politician was given to it, people used to wonder if their past truly did change. And yeah that tangent was to avoid another really awkward topic people will attempt to silence you over. NO ONE wants to talk about the "special" engineered class.

Also I just made this, aaaannnnd yeah, moreawkwardtopicchange. People think it's weird enough when you rant and rave about hermaphrodites eating neutered dog balls, and the vampire who lives next door, but people get HOPPING MAD, violently mad, if you dare even mention the droolers or the clear attempt to alter demographics of targeted countries, while ignoring the demographics of other areas. Plus, knowing good people of value from all sorts of origins, it's painful to talk about environments and the organisms that take the path of least resistance. There are shining gem people who come from DUNG HEAPS. They truly are glistening anomalies handcrafted by God, in some wretched sewer left to fester by the evil side for ages. "Paths" are also set up, to be easy traps for people to blindly walk into. The path to Life is straight and narrow, BROADWAY is the path to destruction.

Aight, more of those things out of the way. Considerables Directory has several talking points I'm certain about, however there are more. Watching for Fire has loads of great content about topics such as how the Sun and Moon work when it comes to phases and positions, things that are hoaxes, including animals, and stuff about society. So I don't need to do things that other people did, that's labor that's been done.

Important thing, the Messenger is the MESSAGE. Always take a really good, hard look at whoever's telling you something, consider their angles and agendas. If someone is obviously female-skeletoned but is trying to pass as a "man" (and has all the signs of major hormone use), or is clearly a man with tons of plastic surgery trying to be a "woman", - then whatever they're trying to tell you, it's not true.

And how would evolution work when the "male" is clearly a fat lil female thing, with a pathetic floppy micro and one single ball that probably has nothing in it, and the "female" is some huge, gangly, aggressive, psycho, violent freak with a narrow, narrow pelvis? And the boobs are fake? Those are the questions they don't want you to ask.

Everyone who isn't obligated or desperately wishful-thinking as hard as possible, KNOWS that Nasha's a load of bs, but some are still waffly about whatever their beliefs actually are. But enough people know Nasha's BS, that's what's important right now. Lots of dinosaur deniers. More people realize that history's fake, people wakin up to the baffos and bizarre things on screens, in the news, fake news, all the really important stuff. People are waking up to that. More people are discussing hoaximals, and hoax industry and society things. And discussing the freaks and liars in their own lives, examining things they think might have been scams the whole time.

People are wise about liars and cheaters trying to deceive people for money, but few people want to even think about all the liars and cheaters, who aren't worried about material-level money or goods and properties, or popularity, but are concerned with making as many memebers of the Real People group, go to hell as possible. They know the money's a sham, they want your very soul, YOU in the meatsack, to go to hell. Because they're fated to go there, they know that, and they're going to take down as many bystanders with them, as they can.

They have restrictions put over them though, and also their inconsistent behavior is pretty odd. They'll either lie outright, like they truly sincerely have their own backwards reverso moonspeak that they consider the "official language" (English is a revived version of Chaldean, with tons of witch words put in. Grammar = grimoire, Hello = Hell, spelling (words) = spellcraft...) - but sometimes they'll get weird and NOT confidently say a certain word like they're totally in the right, but instead they'll get really thoughtful and weird with the words they say. Trans- and goat words are their standard favorites. So, sometimes they get really particular with phrasing stuff, like they'll include clauses and "exits". Like, "according to science", "such and such said, according to this and that", and then they say stuff about confirmed hoaxes, or if you see 33 Orange, you KNOW right away they're spouting off BS. The moment some news-baffo brings up space chimps or 33 orange nukes blew up a volcano in outer space, yeah it's trash.

Then again, sometimes they'll just tell you about a new store that opened up over in that part of town, or tell you about the new restriction on the road or something. Inconsistent behavior.

More on Evolution Hoax, if things like apes, platypi, echidnas, orcas, great pandas (already done and dusted as a hoaximal), koalas (people are realizing), GW or hammerhead sharks, etc, - if those were REAL animals, normal people would have encountered them in the actual nature. There are canned hoaximal "exhibit" tourist destinations, where super rich baffos can go look at fursuits lounging around in Africa, or herds of painted horses with a side pond of wild gators, for that "danger" factor.

Friendly reminder that on hot days in the north, black colored birds have to keep their mouths open. The color black converts light energy into heat, and lots of bushy hair would trap air to warm it up, like in arctic areas. Gorillas and orangutans especially would overheat, if they didn't have these things under their yiffsuits.

Groucho Marx on Gorilla Suits. Notice how he uses "gorilla" and "skin (not pelt)" interchangeably. The fursuit was so valuable, it had its own manager. There's a theory that the infamous Bigfoot photo, featured a retired, formerly-top-of-the-line gorilla suit. Probably for TV use, because the IRL zoo suits and the "tourist attraction" suits in African towns, those are just laughable. The ones for movies are the best effort ones. Also, "gorilla skin" not as in "pelt", but "skin" as in a "skin" for your computer programs. And it was "an orangutan with a midget", to play the gorilla character.

What kinds of people do you actually know of, who even have "dalmations", or "toucans" or "pet sloths". Youtube attention whores that just make shit up with no basis in reality? Dalmations are more of a common IRL thing, but those spots are dyed on. Also the association with fire trucks... That'll go in "Whatever" sometime.

Dec 18 2020