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School Type Thoughts #08

Cliques were a big thing. So were general groups of likeminded individuals that enjoyed hanging out, but you'll notice a very distinct difference between casual friend groups, and "clubs". Cliques. One gathering of friends, is all about shared interests and appreciation for one another. The other, isn't about friendships, but an "alliance", and were all about exclusion. Usually, the clique members hated!!! each other, and would sometimes try to look like they were "friends", because illusions and false impressions are everything to baffos, but they'd also constantly try to pull each other's hair out behind the school. Remember how the tall, lanky, gangly rectangle "girls" would go to the restroom in groups? Wonder what that was all about.

If a human were to hang out in a baffo group for a while, that human would very quickly get a strong sense that everyone in the group was hostile to him or her. But why? What warrented unjustified hostility? Why do those weird kids HATE normal people so much? For all they yell about "don't judge don't judge!!", they were the most prejudiced and exclusionary of all. Baffos love petty elitism. Baffos desperately want to have "authority" over others, and get "respect".

Baffos are the most insidious, sneaky, underhanded, conspiring backstabbers. They'll gaslight targeted humans for a cheap laugh, because this whole world runs on gaslighting and making normal people feel like shit. Women are made to feel "inadequate" because they'll never look like a man with fake tits, and creative people will never be allowed to get their artworks and writings to a larger audience, because media distribution is one of the most heavily gatekept fields. The moment we start going to school, they tell us CGI balls are what's above the sky, that the sun and moon are super far away and are balls, that fursuits are real animals, that nonsense kaiju that would fall right over and couldn't mate, once ruled the earth.

And then gaslighting like stuff that goes on at workplaces and higher academia. Links below.

Again, things that commonly united people, were consuming popular media. You know the anime fans, the DnD/Warhammer/MtG nerds, the computer geeks, the clique of screechy rectangle "girls", the weird creepy fanfic writers, the sports players, people who liked certain media franchises. Yeah, mostly corporate stuff.

The obnoxious kids were even worse OTI. When the internet became a massive aspect of everyday life, impostor accounts were a huge problem in high school. Being around a keyboard and behind a screen, does usually make everyone into a significantly worse person. You'll have noticed on forums and boards, when someone asks about an in-joke, people go "no one tell him". "No one tell him". They get off on keeping people in the dark, they get a thrill out of knowing something that other people don't know, but they'll also keep lies going, and try to hoard "secret knowledge" for themselves. I always just tell confused people everything I know, as my own middle finger to secret-keepers.

Being malicious backstabbers who get off on being underhanded and pulling cruel tricks on innocent normals, they'll act nice to a human's face, if they're going to do a long con. Behind that human's back, they're going to tell their baffo friends about all the dirt they have on the human, and with other human "friends", they'll try and get the two humans to become enemies. They'll gather intel on classmate A, and then tell classmate B what an idiot A is.

Teachers that actually have morals, won't tolerate this. But baffos are everywhere, and usually in positions of "authority" and have a say in what goes and what doesn't. TPTB make sure that baffos staff each and every higher-up position in all fields. It's a big, big club... And you're not in it. Baffo teachers are nasty to human teachers (or managers and employees in other jobs... Some jobs, humans aren't allowed to get at all! It's a situational thing, though.) and will even conspire with baffo students, to pull a cruel prank on a human that they hate for just existing. Baffos hate humans for just existing. Jesus calls them tares, says that satan planted them, and that's how it is. What do you call something like reeds, that will be tied together and burned. There's a word for that. It applies to baffos, too.

Jesus also says that because the world hated Him for no reason, real people will also be hated for no reason. But not all baffos will tell that right to your face, they'll pretend to be "nice" to your face, then stab you in the back every moment they get. Even in front of other baffos, they all have each others' backs. Humans will even try to sell out other humans, to curry favor with baffos, but they get hated too. Because real people have souls, and baffos are usually p-zombies, or an unbelievably corrupted soul. No amount of money or popularity or toys will make them happy. They know they don't have souls, and that the fire's coming for them. So they go all out with just being horrible, because what's more firey torture on top of what's guaranteed for them? It's the "to hell with it effect", where if something's already bad enough, why not make it 10x worse.

Ever wondered why the most soulless, evil, horrible, wicked, nasty freaks were the most beloved and popular? Cuz satan rules the world, that's why.

WfF's videos on the matters


Dec 07 2020