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African-American: a naturalized, Americanized descendant of Mainland Africa. Usually a misnomer, as standard "black" Americans are actually descendents of Red Moors of North America. People of Mainland African descent who grew up in America, are African-American.

Aliens: besides illegal visitors to a country, this one... I'm biased. IDK what to say, but outer space is fake, maybe they're demons, maybe they're a distorted view of someone in a weird suit.

Anatomy: Males have longer, lankier, leaner builds. Females have shorter builds, fat skin, big pelvises, lower body temperatures. Did no one tell you that? Do you have eyes? Male voices are high frequency, female voices are low frequency.

Australia: Real place, but strange. History's a lie. "Everything's trying to kill you", but has hoax animals like koalas, platypi, thylacines... who knows what's real or fake. Has a lot of shitposters, and for a while, tons of Youtube commentators who ended up getting banned. For a "prison island", it seems to be... an experiment?


Baby Monkey Torture: Bizarre internet communities, that can be found on Youtube, but even on other platforms, under different group identities. Include "Baby Smurf Torture", and "Sonnee Torture" (It's a fakemon babymon hatefic thing...). The monkey haters on Youtube seem to be southeast Asian, but with fake western names. But the mystery deepens. They only have an irrational hatred for the baby monkeys, and mild disdain for the adults.

Bermuda Triangle: said to have "strange radar / radio properties", and is said to be a place where large vehicles like aircraft and ships get lost. There are theories that this is where NASA rockets end up, after doing their famous backflips.

Bhutanese Shadow Market: Supposedly there's a place in Bhutan, on an alternate layer of existence, where there's a marketplace where you can buy souls or demons, or something like that.

Bigfoot / Sasquatch / Yeti: I don't focus much on these. Hairy, stinky humanoids. Story goes, original iconic classic Bigfoot (likely a retired zoo gorilla suit) got real popular. OP claimed "lol hoax, got ya good haha". BUT THEN. People started claiming to see more footprints, strange leavings, sightings. More people claimed to see it.
This another "ghetto leprechaun" scenario? Mass egregore? Imitators trying to cash in on the Bigfoot craze?
See also: Bob Gymlan (Youtube)

Black Dog Specter: A ghostly, otherworldly, giant black dog phantom that is often sighted in the UK, and is associated with the afterlife. Can be regarded as an omen of death, or a protective or guide figure.


California USA: a very significant USA state, because it's coastal. Has Hollywood (named for a magical wood that magic wands are made out of), Silicon Valley, and is an enormously significant part of the world in general consciousness. Many songs are all about California. Most major films made in the USA are shot here. "California Doubling". Most American musicians originate from here. However, real people from CA do not in any way reflect what the media suggests. The CA on television and the CA in real life, are vastly, enormously different. Some say the name comes from "Kali" the mocking destroyer of Hinduism. Others say there was a "Khalifa" tribe of Red American Moors, that the state is named after.

Christmas Music From Another Room:


Delaware USA: Have you ever met anyone who claims to be from Delaware? Coins are supposedly minted there. Supposed events organized by inverted freaks, are said to take place there. Something about tax exemptions. Probably doesn't exist at all. "Delete Awareness."

Discord (app): spyware. If you uninstall it, you'll still find traces and folders for it on your computer. SPYWARE. Shills use it extensively. Shills can't leave employer websites until their shift is up, but they'll use this app. DO NOT USE.


Egg (time travel): Time travel protection capsule thing, to make time travel safe?

Einstein was a SpEd: "Albert" is similar to a German word for "idiot / moron", "Einstein" is "one stone", as in "one X testacle" (hint hint), and when you know how the TTOC acts, you notice they like jokes, mockery, and inversions. Why wouldn't they claim a sped was the biggest brain in the world.

Empty Internet: most of the internet today is bots and shills. Different means to accomplish the same goals. Bots are bots, shills are mentally handicapped people. Reddit, Facebook, Youtube, etc. employ thousands of shills who make less than minimum wage.
Empty Internet

Empty Buildings: In many major cities, there appear to be buildings that may or may not be outwardly maintained. Few people are seen entering. Somehow even junkies or urbexers don't break in. What keeps them out? Why are these buildings vacant? IDK.

Entropy Encoding: IIRC, it's the idea that entropy / degredation / rot is something introduced to reality / the system we live in, and entropy "sells" the "simulation" (for lack of better word... "Construct"?) because it just makes things break down and crumble away. Perhaps this happened after that shitty ass fruit was eaten because talking snakes.


Fake Businesses: Used for money laundering, or other shady dealings. If $specificname sent you, and you say the password, the manager might let you access the Secret Menu.

Fake Money: Money that is fabricated with no backing, to fund government-started startups, and Mass Media projects. Because this same money is legal tender, all money has been devalued (inflated) from its introduction to the currency system.
Fake Money rant


GATE Program: Mysterious elementary school program, that involves cards with icons, and "hearing tests". Participants have many, many things in common.

Government False Flags: Yep, they all are. The "scarier", more news/media coverage, mass media references, and nonsensical it all is, the faker it is.
See also: Crisis actors with Youtube accounts, recruited on Craigslist.

Great White Shark: hoax animal. Obvious 33 coding, no real person ever found one (examine anyone that claims to. Be sure to stare at them funny). CGI / prop animals. Have a movie based on them, "Jaws". Pushed on children.
See also: Hammerhead sharks, Rays (no stinger).


Hammerhead Shark: nonsense hoax fear animal.
See also: Great White Shark

Her: Theory that there used to be a goddess, who died during the creation of the material world. Theory says God desperately misses Her and tried to recreate her.

Hermaphrodite: Intersex. "Eunuchs of the womb". Right parts are inside and underdeveloped, wrong parts are outside and deformed. No puberty, they go on hormones and get cosmetic surgery and training.
Sex Inversion


Indigo Children: idk rn. Got popular in 2000s.


Jail Slavery: Something about Prison Industrial Complex, where the USA has the most prisoners of every country, most of USA's prisoner are Black Americans, who are encouraged to commit crimes, entrapped to commit crimes, and are then encarcerated and forced to do labor. Rap music and deliberate drug pumping into Black communities in USA, fuel the PIC, and is funded by the government. (idk much, really)

J.K. Rowling: Just Kidding Rollin'. A man in drag, who never wrote a book. The face of a whole writing committee made up of FTM, who can only write for FTM characters, but leave MTF characters underdeveloped.
Harry Potter


Khalifa Tribe: a tribe of American Moors who inhabited the land that is now known as California.

Koala: A plush prop or CGI, or animatronic. Hoax animal.


Lilith: ancients wrote a darkfic of the Bible and put in, as "Adam's first wife", some MTF wolf furry character with seekrit noolege.

Liminal Spaces: A popular topic to just share photos of empty malls, that one pool, more indoor pools, empty basements, vacant hotels... "Eerily familiar places you feel you've been to, but haven't physically, at least not in working memory".


Martin: "dickgirl". "Freemartin". XX "male". Often refers to a female bovid with a penis and one ball.

McDonald's Soft Serve Machine: It's not broken, they just don't want to clean it. Those things are apparently a huge hassle.
--- Kinda funny how this "conspiracy theory" is massively true on a tremendous scale, due to basic laziness from millions of McD's employees around the world.

Medieval Footage: Suddenly a rumor took off out of nowhere, that "video from the dark ages was found", but see here's the thing... It does look like there's actually a photo of Jesus Christ (in addition to Shroud of Turin, which is actually also a photo... You can take chlorophyll photos on leaves.), which some say could be taken with a "secret Chronovisor in the Vatican", or it could have been a preserved photo that was digitized in the 90s by some University and leaked in 2020, with a "hey other people were talking about this", when that was the first time it was released to public.
What I'm getting at is, the Bible mentions machines with engines, equipment for indoor plumbing, and electric lights and telephones are implied to be things. They very, VERY well could have had photography. In fact, I'm sure they did.

Mel's Hole: Guest on Coast to Coast AM, who had a cool hole in his yard.

Money Laundering: A commonplace activity. People often point to mattress stores as being the most likely fronts for this, but there are many, many fronts for money laundering.

Mud Flood: Another name for the Great Flood. There are ancient, giant structures that remain.
Flood Ruins

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