December 2020

Man, Nov '20 is kind of a mess, but I'm not gonna bother restructuring it. Gotta just deal with the "could have done betters" and just keep moving on forward.

Since I've just been building pages that are more in the "front" sections, I guess those could serve as partial status-updates on my current thoughts and ponderings. Cuz the date's on the lower right, and if I make a long page, and then follow up, I just add another page and don't bother with the previous ones, except to correct technical errors and add links to increase navigability.

Uuuggghhh all these "index.html" files... I gotta be careful not to drop the wrong one in the wrong upload folder, cuz then I'd have to fix it...

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  1. Dec 03
  2. Dec 05
  3. 07: Magnetism & Illusions
  4. 07: Robotoids
  5. 15: Can't enjoy things anymore
  6. 15: What's the Point
  7. 21: Endings everywhere
  8. 28: Consciousness

Even text files are subject to unannounced updates.


Current texts

  1. Scary Geometry 01
  2. Scary Geometry 02
  3. Things Noticed


  1. Frogesay:
  2. Gravtee: Fear is Cool
Dec 13 2020