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So, children are started off in this world, with infanthood traumas and a self-contradictory mindset. Of both blindly trusting "adults" without question, and also being wary of rampant evil, but not understanding why. Many children became sullen and withdrawn, and were an easy target for mindless bullies, who just attack anyone who's "different" according to some bullshit standards of normalcy. And then the other kids do it, because it's "trendy". Some things never change.

Cliques are a thing. People often notice, that even if they move around a lot, from state to state or farther distances, they'll repeatedly encounter essentially identical people. Doppelgangers. IRL doppels are a real thing, not sure where the "they seek to kill and replace you!!" stories come from. Real doppelganger encounters are just surreal and awkward for both parties. We all have them. People aren't made of gradations, they're made of mix and match parts. We've all met many doppels of all sorts of people, from celebs to family members, to random whoevers. And there's doppels of you and me. Gives us something to ponder, but no conclusive answers.

As I previously mentioned, memes were a big thing, but we didn't know there was a word for it. A word older than popular consciousness would have you believe. Radio was still a big deal, and people boasted over having cable TV and sweet new VG consoles, and TMNT was still really popular. "Turtle gloves" is what they called gloves that had two thick finger sections for the pointer+index and ring+pinky fingers. Bootlegs and cash-ins of popular things were rampant. That also never changed. The main desired demographic of advertisers is "he-him age 24-32", or "anyone age 6-14", but whoever would have thought "apathetic granny" was a target demographic?

Consumer technology was rapidly developing. The high tide lifts all boats, and when the tide's out, all boats are stuck in the mud. But this was a high tide decade! All the boats were well afloat! There was some interesting thing going on with class divisions. The gap between the poorer and middle classes was shrinking fast, and people of all incomes and backgrounds were rapidly gaining access to increasingly higher-quality, readily-available, standard consumer electronics and communicae.

Communities who were once poor, got uplifted by the economic high tide. There was a general sense of optimism, and another thing that never changes, is the general attitude that things just go on indefinitely. If only they did. But things are cyclical, they're born, they live, they die. From industries to niche communities, to phases in people's lives.

Children are excellent at making friends. They'll make a beeline for the nearest peer and immediately strike up a conversation with all the ease in the world. No shyness, just get straight to the point. If only we could regain such confidence. But I keep having to bring up the you-know-whats. The bootleg people.

Gonna have to poke a taboo here, and say what we're all thinking, but afraid to say. I've been the one to go first IRL a few times. Pressure's off. Ever wondered why in media created for children (by 50 year olds who never had puberty), violence and fantasy weapons and "banished to eternal void" scenarios are a-okay, but boobies and private zones are gaaasp shock ohno? And anything even remotely alluding to how babby is formed, is treated like a recipe to make mustard gas? Or how about how fascinatingly SQUEAMISH people get, if it were an option to put an end to Fallout 3's Princess of Little Lamplight?

Hey, I know these are extremely delicate, "mandated reporter" topics, but I'm here to talk about the things I notice in society and wonder about, and to repeat the things that other people have said, and encourage readers to participate with discussing and making their own personal encyclopedia sites.

These are the exact things I used to wonder, all the way back then. I know for certain that over half the people reading this site are female. Skeleton. Sloped shoulders, short neck, curved spine, short humerus and femurs, big wide pelvis. Lost and confused? Wondering why the "guys" all look like you, why you got along better with the "boys", and were treated horribly by tall, lanky, gangly, long-armed, no-hipped "she hers", huh? Get off that baldo juice, it'll destroy your hair follicles and turn you into an abomination. Also delete Discord, it's spyware.

And btw, that "normal girl wants to troon out" shit began in 2004 LiveJournal, then moved to Tumblr, then Twitter, and just... It's leaked into IRL...

But right now I'm trying to focus on the "Soandso's Pokesite2!" type platforms. That's what we REALLY remember, and something I've kinda been dawdling about getting to.

We just liked what we liked! We hated the curriculum, and very especially how we were treated! We all knew when we were being condescended to, and when "adults" (back then we could see the bearded women and boys with fake tits, that's a BIG reason why they hate children and reproduction so much), we could tell when adults and big kids were being withholding.

The 90's had its themes of the $currentdecade, as the 70s had their lethal cults and serial killers (all hoaxes), and "sk sh" was one major boogeyman of that decade. Plus, "oh no YOU KILLED THE RAINFOREST NOW IT'S DEAD AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT", and things of that ilk. The forced messages are the most hamfisted things ever.

The 90's were a time when a LOT of speds were born. A whole boom of "special" individuals. The 90s was a pivotal decade, and sometimes I swear the future dictates the past, and that time isn't linear. For certain, it's not constant. We're in the Quickening of Days right now. Anyway, spies were promoted as a cool thing, from the 90's and 00's. Harriet the Spy, Spy Kids, James Bond, video games about spies... Gee I wonder who this was being targeted at.

Life was confusing and nonsensical. We were taught some "water cycle" and "outer space" shit in early grades, but remember going outside and seeing the day moon RIGHT THERE, or seeing the then-yellow sun tracking along the sky like it's part of a mechanism, and wondering how that jived with what Teacher said? And again, remember noticing that the "guys" had big hips, and the "girls" on TV bore 0 resemblence to the actual women and girls that make up the majority IRL.

I do remember very rare pieces of media (including... engraved wooden puzzle toy things?? Paperdolls, whatever they were?) that told children about some anatomical differences between girls and boys. These things tended to have variants that showed undetailed parts, or underwear. I was exposed to some hard-board paperdoll thing that had paper underwear glued on, but of course that was long picked off by the time I got my hands on it. Something just didn't seem "right" in the back of my head, but I had no points of references, or ability to understand what kind of question my instincts were asking. Today I know... we live in Inverted World.

I was told a few times, by sources I trusted as a child, that females have bigger pelvises and more body fat than males, and that there was an intersex condition that caused males to have fake vaginas. But they never told me about females with penises and one ball that makes X sperm. They also never told me just how common this is, and the connection to baphomet, and relation to the other aspects of this fake "world" we live in now.

They only gave me a few pieces to a puzzle I didn't have the rest of.

We all wondered why the source of babies was the most tightly-guarded secret in our everyday personal worlds. We wondered why obviously pregnant women openly talked about going to deliver a baby, but in the same breath tell us something about storks and cabbage patches. And of course, plenty of young children have seen pets giving birth.

Oh we definitely wondered what was up with the pregnant people with beards, and wondered what IVF & C-section are really for. Once we learned where babies came from, these two things raised so many questions. And that brings us to the taboo on penis-in-vagina sex. Now I get that children want to hurry hurry hurry to being "cool and not zitfaced" teens, and then "rich, successful adults who can afford all the vidya and eat candy at fancy restaurants and have a personal bouncy castle". "Wanting is better than having", strikes again. Point is, if children perceive something as being "mature and sophisticated", they're gonna want to try it for themselves. Can't have that. But the truly horrendous part is... I already alluded to those "people of a certain condition, who act really weird and have sodomy eyebags, and grow up to be turbosluts". Yeah. This is far, FAR more common than people want you to know about, and the cops are FULLY AWARE of it.

I'm sure we all had a personal little "thought game", that was basically "pretend you're in Alternate Reality, and you notice interesting things". It's one of those inborn things that come with the package, like "hide and seek". One of those inborn things that aren't explicitly taught, but people organically know about, without being told or shown. Life is very interesting in that department. Memetic and psychic stuff.

I would occasionally put on the personal ARG helmet, but only came up with "ah, it all looks the same as it always does. Nothing out of place here". Now, over my life so far, I've gone through major phases, where I was so very certain I found the holy grail of Actual Truth, and nothing would convince me I didn't find Ultimate Objective Truth. Today I'll say, wow what a colossal hyperdouche I was. Never doing that again. Sometimes, you have to do unbelievably stupid things that you'll regret for the rest of your dirt life, in order to get a nugget of anecdotal wisdom. Uhh, I guess it's worth it??? Still rather I never did those things. Moving on.

If there's a very extremely rare and anomalous event that occurs when a 4yo watches it, that 4yo is going to blindly assume that it's an ordinary, standard thing that happens regularly. I don't even know how much a 4yo would remember from infancy, and are we truly supposed to forget early life events? Is that natural, or induced? Because there's a SEEDY, NASTY, VILE, underground network of "services" in all towns, in all socioeconomic classes. It's a big, horrible, evil secret that tons of people who pretend to be good and normal, are participants in.

During the 90's, there was an equalization between the "poor" and "middle" classes, which was a boon for us, but the rich kids hated it! Their "specialness" was being threatened by a decrease in contrast! Soon their riches would mean nothing! Another thing is, Jesus says a rich man (or whoever) won't go to the Kingdom, and Revelation has stuff about people realizing their hoarded "wealth" was worthless all along, so they throw it out into the streets. Churches are a prominent part of everyday life for many people, and was present in many childhoods. I better make a page about that.

Children like to get into contests over one-upping, and the usual "my dad can beat up your dad" and "my house has 100 bathrooms" crap. Ususally a good ol' fistfight will settle differences. Children make friends extremely easily, and enemies just as easily. Funny how that is. But while some insecure children would force "enemieships" (media encourages that weird, unnatural behavior), they could just as easily temporarily forget about said "enemyships" and talk to other people normally.

We were constantly being bombarded with mixed messages. "Authorities" were always doublespeaking at us. "Adults" would act casual around one group, then cagey and evasive with true normal children. If they learned one little detail about you, suddenly their whole demeanor would drastically shift. So over half of you readers are female (knock off that NB shit, you look like a colossal dumbass), ever wondered WHY you got along better with "boys"? And noticed how even adults might mistake you for a "boy"? Remember that bit about no one telling you about dickgirls? Why do you think there's a mass detransitioning of martins to she-her women? Why do you think "Martin" is such a painfully COMMON name? And variants, like "Mario" and "Marvin"? The symbol for Mars ♂ looks like a pathetic micro with one swollen, single ball? That's just some weird trait dickgirls have, and that one single ball makes X sperm only! Not Y sperm! That's why the Bible has those boring sections of men begetting men! And that explains what "the seed of WOMEN" is! Remember Jursassic Park, the dinos were all female, "life uh finds a way", tying two female belt buckles together?

Dumpin my crazy out. Yeah, school just sat your ass at a prison desk for 8 hours, the teachers were overstressed and underpaid, some teachers were real sleazebags and impossible to get rid of, others were once optimistic and well-meaning. YOU, little pleb child, weren't compensated for your time or effort. You were "obligated" to make "good grades" (regurgitating whatever the curriculum's bias told you was the "preferred" answer). If a staff member detected that something was amiss about your home life, you'd inexplicably be summoned to go hang out with "cool adults" who'd sit down and give you undivided attention, and play awesome legos and draw fun pictures together with you, and they'd keep asking about your home life and thoughts about things. It all seemed well and good at the time. I'm sure we were bummed that it was only for a day or two, no more undivided attention and fun lego doodle time. I can only wonder what info they were fishing for, exactly. No one ever told me nothing, I just met "cool, talkative grownups with cool toys" briefly, and there was no explanation for it, or why it ended so abruptly. I don't even know if all students had that, or only a select few.

I guess I should make a GATE page sometime, but right now I don't have much material I've gone over, or prepped, so...

(Long Enough)


Dec 05 2020